May 24, 2024
Press Coverage

Police arrest street preachers in Calgary

Police arrest street preachers in Calgary

Concerned Christians Canada is launching a nationwide awareness campaign in support of Street Church Ministries in Calgary.


 For several years, the ministry has been in a battle with city authorities over its insistence on publicly preaching the gospel to people on city streets and in city parks.


 On February 7, members of the ministry were dragged from a preaching platform by police, and three members were arrested, one while he was videotaping police actions.


Artur Pawlowski, lead pastor of Street Church Ministries, said the city’s "ruthless targeted attacks" threaten freedom of speech as well as the organization’s ministry to homeless people.


Jim Blake, national chairman of Concerned Christians Canada, said it is ironic and hypocritical that the police were intent on arresting ministry members while ignoring drug dealers operating nearby.

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