May 24, 2024
Press Coverage

Street Church II


Street Church: This is a controversial project, and one that I had to pray long and hard about taking on.  This one’s done over the phone with Pastor Artur (Street Church) and Jim Blake (Concerned Christians Canada) and through e-mail, trying to connect right and praying on how to bring the story to life in a readable fashion so that it’s not like you’re reading a history textbook, but instead a story that’s alive with the rich history of a ministry in Calgary that’s been through the mill and then some.


Back to the Streets is mainly an adventuresome history of those involved with Street Church from Calgary, Alberta Canada.  It’s a good read, yet is more evangelistic in nature.  If you want to see how people came to their faith and how their faith has drawn them in the directions that they now go in the ministry, Back to the Street is for you.


BACK TO THE STREETS proceeds slowly.


 The character designs are beginning to come together to a point where I feel comfortable drawing the many characters involved, including men and women, and one infant on life support.


The Power of God is clearly shown in Streets through the testimony of the life of Artur Pawlowski, the controversial lead Pastor of the equally controversial Street Church. Through everything, this ministry that I now write about and support has stopped at nothing to bring the gospel to the homeless and destitute in the city of Calgary, Alberta Canada. Even in the face of much persecution, they continue to preach God’s message even from the steps of City Hall itself in downtown Calgary.


 Recently Art Pawlowski and Jim Blake of Concerned Christians Canada made a trip to Ottowa. I refer you to Street Church’s website to see how that went and read the powerful testimony of these two brothers in Christ! Every time I hear about how the Lord is moving in Street Church, I can’t help but feel encouraged even in my rural community. I feel emboldened to share the gospel in my area, and encouraged that even though I may not see the harvest that the seeds have been planted for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! We need to remember that each time we leave our homes, each time we leave church, and each time we even just wake up in the mornings, we are entering the mission field.


We need to remember that the Great Commission (To preach the gospel to all the world) given us in the final Chapter of Matthew applies to all of us, not just the Pastors, Elders, and Deacons of the churches, or the prophets and evangelists. We are all called to this evangelistic endeavour in Christ’s name. Whether we’re at work or home, on a date or chilling with some friends at the local diner, or even when we’re on the phone with relatives………We’re all evangelists called of the same purpose and commission.


STREET CHURCH:  This controversial ministry in Calgary, Alberta Canada has an equally controversial and adventuresome history!  It’s history reads more like an adventure novel than a ministry, and with pieces of conspiracy theory as well as facing down armed gang members — well let’s just say it’s time to tell their story!  We’ll be launching a bi-monthly comic book based upon STREET CHURCH’s history and stories.


 Street Church, Art, Concerned Christians Canada, Jim, and my friends Cory and Kelly Carrier all illustrate this point beautifully in their lives and work. NO matter what they do, NO matter what people say, they serve Jesus Christ with all their hearts, mind, and strength.


 And when I pray, I pray for a double portion of what I’ve seen in these awesome ministries both in the United States and Canada.



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