May 20, 2024

Poland is on the verge of a great revival.

Poland is on the verge of a great revival after many years of trial. There were so many years of dry, scorched ground from communism and all of its abuses. Then the peace of mind, joy, prosperity, easy life and total freedom that capitalism dangled turned out to be empty and deceiving. People are worn and often hopeless without anywhere to turn. The American style of living that everyone put their hearts towards is proving to be destructive. When a nation gets to a place of such despair, people are more open to look for answers not in their own abilities but in the one who created them and knows them the best: the real God, and the only God who is Jesus Christ. For the past few years, we have had an opportunity to sow into the nation of Poland. Ploughing the hard dry land has been very difficult and filled with many obstacles, but God has allowed us to toil this ground with faith, hope and a new vision for something that was to come. That something is a spark from a fire that will powerfully ignite the unity and willingness for change. It is the March for Jesus, where a banner with name of Jesus Christ is lifted high over the nation of Poland. For the first time in over 20 years, all the major heads of the Protestant denominations joined together in one accord for the March for Jesus. They prayed for God’s mercy and addressed the thousands who came with words of unity and blessing. It was truly a powerful sight to see. God delights when his children join in the same spirit.



The March for Jesus 2013 started at Belweder, the residence of the president of Poland. Two ribbons, white representing the purity and holiness of God and red representing the blood that had to be shed for all of our sins, were cut to officially open the March. We were privileged to have two prominent men perform the ribbon cutting. The red one was cut by Graham Kendrick and Krzysztof Jędrzejewski, a businessman and the white was cut by a Member of Parliament for the Republic of Poland, the Honourable John Godson who also prayed over the nation of Poland. The opening also featured songwriter Graham Kendrick who was one of the founders behind the global phenomenon of March for Jesus in the 1980’s. Along with Steve Thompson, he blessed us with a few songs before the March including “Shine Jesus Shine”. Graham reminded us how the global movement started and how powerful it has become. It was a great privilege to witness this with our own eyes. People with out stretched hands were praying and blessing Poland together with politicians, heads of churches and our musician guests from England. When people are filled with the same spirit of the Living God, you immediately feel the power and the sense of family. We have one God, one Saviour, one purpose, one destiny.

Member of Parliament John Godson, delegates from Nigeria and Graham Kendrick during the opening of the march in Warsaw.



For a long time we have had on our hearts to show Poles that our God is one of joy, festivities and celebration. He loves to see people dancing, laughing and being whole heartedly unashamed of Him. We imagined thousands on the streets of capital city of Poland doing just that. When we stopped at one of the locations, the spirit of joy hit thousands of people and all of them started to dance in circles and have a blast. What a celebration that was. Both participants and onlookers were impacted.

At the final stop at Presidential Palace, an amazing movement of God’s spirit took place. It was here that John Godson asked for the worship team to play the song “Let it Rain”. The power of God’s spirit touched so many people that during the second encore Godson and thousands of others dropped to their knees in prayer. People lifted their hands and tears came from many eyes. It felt like the windows of heaven had opened and God was sending His blessings. We prayed for the president, the premier and all of the politicians. We asked God for His wisdom and His spirit to lead them in His righteousness. The March finished at the royal castle with speeches and performances from 10 different bands. What an amazing opportunity for the church to come together and impact tens of thousands of people.

Member of Parliament John Godson






The march concluded with more celebration that lasted until 12:30 am. God not only took care of the spiritual aspect but He also took care of our physical needs with thousands of sausages for the hungry. The concert and prayers of blessings given by Graham Kendrick were an amazing gift to all who heard. This experience was one of those profound moments where you know that the spirit of the Living God has come and visited with us. The March for Jesus 2013 made it to national television and radio on a number of occasions. Because of this, millions of Poles were able to hear the untainted Gospel of Jesus Christ. We give all the Glory to Jesus Christ, because without Him there would be no March for Jesus.

Graham Kendrick


The future of the March for Jesus burns bright. The impact this year was so great that we are in the process of talking with the Catholic Church to have them come and participate in next year’s March. They were very positively touched, and we believe that God is preparing hearts for the great harvest in Poland. As well, because of this year’s great response, next year’s March is going to end in the stadium with an evangelistic crusade with Franklin Graham and Michael W. Smith. Let’s pray that the fire that God has started in Poland will keep burning brighter and brighter in Jesus’ name.

Hear are some pictures of this years March for Jesus in Poland and its festivities. Be mindful that all T.V and Radio outlets were saying that this day of the March was going to be filled with heavy rain and thunderstorms expected to last all day. We did receive heavy rain but not what they were predicting we received the heavy rain of God’s mercy, grace and love of His Holy Spirit.

Lord You Are Awesome!

Artur Pawlowski
















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