May 18, 2024

Thousands impacted at Street Church in Warsaw

We again had an opportunity to preach at Street Church in the heart of the capital city Warsaw. There were hundreds who gathered to hear about the hope of Jesus Christ. Hundreds who were not only fed but also impacted with grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, they were not only satisfied with grilled awesome Polish sausages but their dignity was also restored. Dozens came to the Lord and many more with tears in their eyes grasped hope for a better tomorrow.

Koscioł Uliczny-2013-5

Paweł Bukała and the team are doing a fabulous job they are so faithful to the call that God has given them. Because of there faithfulness thousands of people are fed and thousands more are able to hear about the love that concerns all. Every week through music, prayer, food and a salvation message Warsaw is being changed one heart and one soul at a time. We also have rehabilitation centre that through the one year program similar to Teen Challenge many are restored to their family’s and back to society. We are serving an Almighty All Powerful God of restoration and second chances.

Street Church in Szczecin is going strong and like our Warsaw location was able to impact people through television. A short documentary was conducted and many more people were able to hear the Good News, Praise God He always makes a way.

We have one more good news another Street Church has just been opened, please pray for all those ambassadors for Christ. May God give them strength power and authority to with stand all of the schemes of the enemy.

Koscioł Uliczny-2013-8

Koscioł Uliczny-2013-10

Koscioł Uliczny-2013-15

Koscioł Uliczny-2013-14

Koscioł Uliczny-2013-13

Koscioł Uliczny-2013-12

Koscioł Uliczny-2013-9

Koscioł Uliczny-2013-7

Koscioł Uliczny-2013-6-Artur Pawlowski

Koscioł Uliczny-2013-11

Street Church, third location in Poland!

Koscioł Uliczny-2013-1

Koscioł Uliczny-2013-2

Koscioł Uliczny-2013-3

Koscioł Uliczny-2013-4

Artur Pawlowski in in Warsaw

Koscioł Uliczny-2013-16

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