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Street Church at Parliament Hill

Street Church at Parliament Hill

Meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Minister Stockwell Day, Preston Manning and a few hundred more conservative politicians at convention in Ottawa and our detailed trip to Ontario from Concerned Christians Canada.

Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper and Artur pawlowski in 2009


Moral Messenger Newsletter


Art Pawlowski, of Street Church, and I went to Ontario from the 4th of March until the 15th. Our trip was a full one. It seemed to be a whole month packed into eleven days. There were divine appointments, favour, and also there were many attacks from the enemy. But all through the trip, God was guiding us. In fact, the appointments originally set up by men feel through, but God had us doing far more and everything went like clockwork.


To start with, when we arrived in Toronto, Art’s most important luggage was missing, the bag that had all of his clothes and personal effects. We prayed that God would handle it and would deliver the bag in good timing and gave it over to Him to deal with. We then went to rent a car and ended up going to a few rental desks until finally we got to Dollar Rent a Car. As we were arranging for a car, Art and I were joking around and the gentleman, behind the counter, asked us if we work together.


Art and I introduced ourselves and told him what we do. He told us that he was surprised to see co-workers getting along with each other let alone laughing with one another. He said that just about all the co-workers that he saw coming through his desk didn’t even want to look at each other, let alone laugh with one another. Art proceeded to tell the man, that he had no choice but to love me since God tells us that we are to love, even our enemies (he was motioning to me as he said it with a smile on his face). The man intrigued by this, then asked if he could ask me an unfair question, and I said “sure, I get unfair questions all the time”. He then proceeded to ask if a person could be a Christian and believe in evolution. We answered this question and a great many other questions that he had. In the end, we were able to pray with him and share God’s truth. All the while, many others were hearing his questions and our answers. What a great opportunity to share with a person who’s heart was prepared by the Lord.


We loaded up and drove to Niagara Falls where we recorded two Voice Radio and TV shows, one by the falls itself and one in the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. With each recording God provided us with speaking points and with the words to tie in His word and truth into the message. It was amazing to be at the falls and God provided us with a beautiful rainbow which we were able to capture while recording. We were even allowed free admission to the Ripley’s Museum in order to do our recording. The museum was full of all kinds of unusual sights and sounds which have proven to be valid but seem to be unbelievable. This was a great way for us to tie in the message that whether you believe it or not, God exists, has left His mark on this world and on our hearts, and there is a choice to be made; follow Jesus or walk away from God altogether, and believe it or not a real heaven and a real hell.


We got a call to let us know that Art’s bag had been found and would, in fact, be at the airport at just the right time; when we were to be on our way to Toronto for a dinner with my brother and his family and a meeting with Campaign Life Coalition. That was amazing timing. We picked up the bag and headed to my brother’s house where Art and I shared testimonies of God’s miracles in our lives. We then headed to our hotel which was right across from the meeting place with Campaign Life Coalition the next day. In the morning we had a great meeting with Campaign Life Coalition, had an Interview with Jeff Gunnarson and had a time of prayer and worship with the other employees. It was at this point that we received pro-life posters which we later discovered would go great in our booth at the Manning Convention.


We left for Kingston and met with the girl that had initially invited us to Ontario. We had a good visit and she had arranged a couple of speaking engagements with young people which allowed us to encourage and fire up people to carry God’s message to a broader community. We were a little shocked that at one of the meetings there was controversy over the basic message that Jesus is the only way to Father (an essential Christian doctrine). We would have expected this kind of response from non-believers, but were amazed that we received this response from a Christian Bible study group. We also were able to do more Voice Radio and TV recordings.


Whilst in Kingston, God led us by the Holy Spirit to a wonderful church, Kingsway Church, who’s members greeted us openly. We had a blessed time of worship, and the sermon seemed hand picked for the theme message for our trip; go out into the world, be salt and light, don’t hide your light under a bushel, make a difference! After the service we met with the pastor and encouraged him to head back to the streets with the message of the gospel, in the form of street evangelism (something he used to do quite actively) and to take young people with him in order for them to be mentored in this crucial practice of our faith.


We left from Kingston and went to Toronto again where we stayed at Tyndale University and were hosted by Fred who is an elder at one of Toronto’s churches. His son also took us around to some homeless shelters and we were able to share the gospel with many and pray for willing souls.


While at one of the homeless shelters we saw a broad spectrum of homeless, from cross dressers, to homosexuals, to some Christians and some Jews, and whoever else was in need of food and shelter. The sad thing was that although this organization may have been fine for a secular organization, it was amazing how unlike a Christian organization it was. We were told that we were not to share the message of the gospel, even one on one with people willing to hear the message. In fact, if we were to continue, they would escort us from the building. We stayed, and we are glad we did, Art led one man to the Lord and many others heard the truth. Praise God!


May the Lord work in the hearts of the leaders of “Christian organizations”, that are limiting the message of the gospel. Shame on them for changing the message of the cross into a mere meal and a place of warmth. Jesus fed thousands, but not without the message that would set them free from their sins.


Because believers compromised this way in Toronto, the downtown road that is called Church Street, which got its name for the fact that it had so many churches on it, was turned into the devil’s playground with every form of Anti-God wickedness and perversion imaginable and all under colourful rainbows and signs saying “True Love”. Wow, how far from true love people are going, and all because, the people who are called by God’s name are not speaking the truth, not being salt and light, and not spreading the gospel.


We then went from this very dark place, over to Fred’s house for dinner. It is awesome to know that there are true believers that would even welcome strangers in their house, feed them and make them feel comfortable in a foreign city. What a heart of hospitality. May God richly reward them for their faithfulness in serving those called by Jesus name to preach and to share.


We were also able to interview a Cambridge University professor, John Morrill, historian and author, about Oliver Cromwell for a Voice Radio and TV show, who by the providence of God happened to be at Tyndale the day that we were to spend on campus. We went from our interview to lunch in the university cafeteria where we sat and ate in the middle of the room until we were greeted by a student who sat down at our table. This young woman was cheerful and sweet and offered to help us round up students for interviews later on. Before she left for class a friend of hers stopped by and shared.


That was a divine appointment. This young oriental woman is a pastor’s daughter and had gone astray from her faith; she said that she was struggling with believing certain things. It turned out that her quest to find a man to marry was her stumbling block and ended up taking her to compromise. She had some very good questions, and was a pleasure to get to know. I had an opportunity to council her for a couple of hours and then to pray for her after that. I helped her to see that a man that truly loves her will love her for her, that he will wait for her and not try to take advantage of her and that loving relationships involve sacrifice one for another. I helped her to see that love gives and does not want to take, and that on the other hand, lust always wants to take. True love, I told her, is loyal, patient, kind, sincere in doing good and seeks to better the other person.


After this session, we went and heard John Morrill present for about an hour and a half on Oliver Cromwell, during which he portrayed a very interesting story of a working farmer who rose to become ruler over Great Britain. The whole story of Oliver Cromwell is about a man who continuously sought after and followed the will of God, which led him to lead the nation and fight many battles, undefeated.


After the presentation we had an interview with a female student. When I asked her what the most pressing issue on her mind, that nobody seems to want to talk about, was, she said, “pre-marital sex”. She then proceeded to share about the lies that are being foisted on young people about how sex before marriage is about freedom and self expression. She said that many of the worst things about pre-marital sex are almost never talked about, even in churches, and the benefits of saving one’s self are almost never expressed. She proceeded to share about the fact that she has so far remained pure and intends to remaining so. God bless this young woman for her bravery in a culture, both inside and outside of the church, of pornography and sexual immorality.


Whilst I interviewed this young woman, Art was speaking with her friends who suggested that we have an on camera debate about hot topics. After the interview we headed into the cafeteria; Art, Myself and about 12-15 students to hit the topics that most people are afraid to discuss. We let the students come up with the topics and we let them guide the debate. What a great way to get their views out into the open. The first topic they raised was homosexuality, the next abortion, the next was hypocrisy in the church which was turning youth away, and there were other equally good topics that kept us there with them until after midnight (on a school night). These kids were fired up about sharing their views and seemed excited that someone was willing to listen and discuss these deep topics, honestly and openly.


We then left for Ottawa (via Quebec). Art was on a sight-seeing trip, I guess (inside joke). When we finally arrived in Ottawa, we met with the Ottawa branch of the Campaign Live Coalition and then met with Minister Stockwell Day. After four check points, and a bit of a wait, we were able to see him. It was a good time to connect with a Christian in politics and was an opportunity to encourage him to be strong for Jesus despite the strong attacks from some who would love to shut him down. Due to confidentiality issues we are not able to disclose what was discussed, but let’s just say that Minister Day was very helpful. After we met with the minister, Art and I were walking out of parliament and it struck us how hard it must be to face that kind of evil and compromise every day, and the struggle it would be to fight to remain strong and true in the face of it all.


From our meeting at Parliament Hill, we headed to the Manning conference where Art and I were able to speak with Prime Minister Harper and were able, on a few occasions to speak with Preston Manning. It was a productive time making connections with other pro-family and conservative organizations, and granted us many opportunities to share Jesus with many unbelievers. Our booth at the show screamed Jesus, and the enlarged and laminated tickets and pro-life posters presented us with more opportunities to talk about corruption, abuse of power, and the responsibility of government to be moral and just in their dealings. There were of course the Jesus is Lord, Jesus Loves You and Jesus is the only way to Heaven flags, the Street Church DVDs, gospel tracts and the Street Church banner along with CCC materials. There was plenty for people to see. Imagine two brothers, from Calgary, with Jesus in the middle of hundreds of politicians and media representatives, isn’t God awesome.


We also had a prophet from Quebec, Rheal Rivest, join us, which really was a great bonus. He was a blessing to have with us and he had many prophetic revelations and words not only for us, but to others at the convention. At moments the Spirit of God was moving so strongly that we were weeping and were deeply touched by God’s presence. Thank you Jesus!


There was a special treat for us during our time at the Manning Convention, and even though we were surrounded by hundreds of, some would say, the most influential and powerful people in Canada, God had placed a group of fired up believers two booths away from us. They are known as 4 My Canada. What an awesome group of young people. After a while, they came to us and said that we were their most favourite people at the convention and those few words from this group were more impacting to our spirit than all the words of the powerful politicians. Sweeter than honey are the words of encouragement and blessing from true believers in Christ. What a blessing to get to know these young people.


We went the next day to the steps of Parliament Hill and Rheal prophesied and shared and declared a word over the nation. He had been waiting 21 years since God had told Him that He would take him there to give that word. It took two rag tags from Calgary to fulfill that word. If God can use us, he can use you as well, believe us.


We also recorded two more shows with Rheal at Parliament Hill. All of those recordings we hope to have ready for you to hear and see in the near future.


After our time of prayer, and fellowship with Rheal, we headed back to Toronto; a long day of travel which included 5 hours from Ottawa to Toronto, airport, baggage, the plane, and an opportunity to share Christ with a sitting passenger next to us and finally we arrived back home.


The trip was powerful and eye opening, especially when it comes to the dirty business of politics and politicians. There is compromise, pressure and oppression facing those that choose to stand against the evil trends in our society. Now we know why God told us in His word to pray for our leaders and our politicians, they need God’s power, protection, covering and wisdom, in order to run our country, provinces and cities with justice and morality. After this trip, we have more compassion and our hearts are stirred to pray for them even more, and we encourage you to do the same.


For those of you who think that serving God does not cost, think twice, Jesus says count the costs. While we were away on our trip to Ontario, our families were under heavy attack, but we placed all the problems and oppression into the hands of the One that sent us, Jesus. This made the devil mad, but despite his desperate attempts to crush our spirits and to hinder our ability to minister, we had a blessed and awesome time in the Lord; lot’s of laughter, and a good time as brothers.


God bless you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,

Jim Blake
National Chairman
Concerned Christians Canada

Praying, Acting, Making a Difference!

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