May 24, 2024
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Supreme Court strikes down ban on doctor-assisted death

“Supreme Court strikes down ban on doctor-assisted death,” Feb. 6.

I found it interesting that the Supreme Court of Canada, in its decision to legalize doctor-assisted suicide, cited the “security and liberty of the person” from the charter.

However, the reality is that in Canada, if you are not defined as a person, then you have no protection under the charter, and can be killed without consideration via abortion. So in Canada, we say some persons are in fact protected under our charter and some are not.

The court’s decision is rather confusing; it says we are protecting your rights by giving a doctor the right to kill you with your supposed consent. There is ample evidence of this legalized killing being abused in the Netherlands and used on people who suffer from depression, etc.

Will Canada go down the same path where money comes before palliative care? I hope not.

Merle Terlesky, Calgary

Supreme Court of Canada Ottawa


Christians of Calgary are very concerned with today’s SCC decision to authorize doctors to violate their oath and in fact terminate the life of a patient.

This can not go unchecked by the elected parliament of Canada where such decisions should be made.

A prayer vigil will take place on Saturday Feb 14th at the Federal Harry Hayes bldg in downtown Calgary-YYC at 1pm.

All are welcome.

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