May 18, 2024

Calgary protest at Harry Hays Federal Building

Calgary protest at Harry Hays Federal Building against the striking down of the ban on doctor-assisted death by the Supreme Court of Canada.

With banners that were saying “Choose Life”, a Canadian flag and the love of God we stood against yet another evil that is further crippling our country of Canada.

Even though we did ask the churches (personally contacted a number of them and advertised all over social media) to come and stand with all of us against this culture of death, only a handful of people showed up. It is showing clearly the apathy and indifference of the so called christians in North America. Comfortable in their pews they decided that there is no urgency to come and fight this battle. After all it was not them that today “legally” are being murdered.

For those that did come I want to thank you. On behalf of the hundred thousand or so murdered children in abortion camps all over Canada a year and on behalf of the disabled, people that are depressed and elderly that will be murdered in the near future if this is not stopped. I say to you, thank you. You will not have blood on your hands. You did what you could, for that I know that God is greatly pleased.

We also had a great man that came to the protest, Rob Anders. This courageous Member of Parliament give a speech encouraging people to stand up for life. He challenged Canadians to denounce this culture of death that was being pushed on us by the courts and the main stream media. If we had more people like him Canada would look totally different.

The reaction from the people were mixed. Many of the drivers were honking, some with approval of our stance, others with visible hate towards us. We received some thumbs up and sometimes the middle finger (you are number one finger 🙂 ) The bottom line is that we stood publicly for life. People will have to choose what they want to stand for. Please choose Life, choose God.

Although all the media were notified about the protest they refused to cover the story. After all we are not homosexuals, abortionists or muslims to be worthy of the coverage.

I bless you in the name of Jesus Christ with the Spirit of repentance. God forgive us for murdering our own people in the name of convenience! Have mercy on this nation and bring Canada to its knees!

“When I say to a wicked person, ‘You will surely die,’ and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade them from their evil ways in order to save their life, that wicked person will die for their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood.” Ezekiel 3:18

Choose Life 4

Rob Anders. The courageous Member of Parliament.

Choose Life Rob Anders

Choose Life 1

Merle Terlesky the organizer of the protest giving an interview.

Choose Life 2

Dawid Pawlowski

Choose Life Dawid Pawlowski

Jim Blake the National Chairman of Concerned Christians Canada

Choose Life Jim Blake

Larry R. Heather politician and an activist

Choose Life  Larry Heather

Rob Anders giving an interview

Choose Life 3

Artur Pawlowski

Artur Pawlowski Choose Life


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