May 28, 2024
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Alberta Thought Police

Edmonton – CTV NEWS

It sure was a sad state of affairs today. I watched a CTV news video today that shocked me. I am at a loss to understand where our society has missed the mark and has taken such a diverse turn towards immoral stupidity.

Ric-McIver-300x225A very good solid man in Alberta being hurt by the new age thought police. Ric may have associated with, yes, Christians. Those bad and dirty Christians.

Ric McIver, a prominent and well respected Albertan and quite possibly our next Provincial Premier was at the centre of a “politically incorrect” newscast today (June 18, 2014) that reveals the truth about what and where the world view has slid. It shows that society no longer has valid moral standards to which we judge our good citizens. Good citizens are now made to look bad by someone else’s world view, regardless if it passes the acumen test for being moral, solid, and true.

The following person made one of the most idiotic and moronic statements I have heard in decades.  His name: Kristopher Wells, His comment was in essence, that McIVer is the company he keeps, and in this case (Christians) are really bad company. Does anyone even listen to the words these intolerant (for other opinions) people make? Obviously Dr. Wells has no tolerance for the Christian Community and the positive things that they do.  Helping the needy, the less fortunate, and in the case of this story, this group helps underprivileged children. The Calgary March for Jesus is a great organization and is made out to be a bunch of intolerant bigots. Mr. Wells is wrong, he is misguided and in dire need of reading our charter of rights and freedoms. Mr. Wells, is it a surprise that Christians hold to the view that creator placed boundaries and rules for the fulfilment of our sexual life and pleasure? Is this some sort of news flash?  Is it also news to you that there is MORE to a Christian foundation than that one view you pull out to exploit?  Mr. Wells, I have to be honest here.  You make me and logical sensible people quite sick to our stomach.

KWells-300x216Dr. Kristopher Wells has decided to make his own rules, his own agenda, and his own standards based on his own unknown platform of truth (?) and acumen. Not so fast Dr. Wells. You are deliberately injuring a good person and slagging and entire GOOD organization!. You are as guilty as those you have condemned as bad people. Shame on you for not having any legitimate acumen.

As I watched the broadcast, the reporter even made me sicker.  The reporter, Serena Mah made a wildly inappropriate statement that is unworthy of a GOOD news reporter.  She stated that she called Mr. McIver’s office for an interview, and within a gasping sigh, she said she was still waiting.  For heaven’s sake, the story was only Serena, your style of reporting is underhanded and not worthy of a reporter with integrity. I must assume you find integrity an inconvenience in propelling your career forward? Shame.hours old.  She could have only called Ric’s office hours ago.  She made it sound like Ric had something to hide and was avoiding the interview request.  So, between bad Paul Joseph Goebbel’s style reporting (the subtle things are powerful) and a Dr. that should rethink his world view, is it any wonder that life, morality, truth are losing the culture war?  Perhaps, we have already lost the culture war to this sort of blatant twisting of truth into a story making good people look bad.  I find people like Serena Mah and Kristopher Wells guilty of hanging innocent people that actually do great things for the community and people.  

I find it disgusting that people like these and those that are offended by Ric McIver’s attendance of the March for Jesus event foist their homosexual agenda AHEAD of people that need food, a home, love, medical attention, an education, and other necessities of life that the rest of us take for granted.  Is sexual behaviour that opposes biological sense and anthropological sense, really that important you feel you need to trample on the less fortunate?  Shame on the entire homosexual community if that is true then.  I was neither pro-gay nor was I anti-gay.  I find that combative and promotes a stupid we-they siege mentality.  I acknowledged that the bedroom behaviour exists and I also acknowledged my Christian view point on it.  I was not prepare to create a dichotomous situation of it on our website.  There is enough of that on the web as it is.  However, when the “pop-culture” and “gay community” promotes attacks on good people like this,  It is on!  

You people would destroy a very good man’s career and benefit to our society because he does (or simply may not) hold all the same view points that you do?  That is thought control!  That is the thought police in action!  George Orwell was correct in his novel “1984″.  He was so correct. I hope we are not the only few on the entire planet that can see through this think skin of truth stuffed with an evil and sinister agenda. There, I said it. Take me to the thought police for cultural re-education I guess!  Bring it.

serena-mah-300x189Serena Mah – exhibiting poor judgement in her reporting tactics. An obvious attempt to make the office of Ric McIver APPEAR uncooperative by stretching her, “I am still waiting” comment. What a sad method to propel one’s career forward. Shame on you Serena.

Serena Mah exhibiting poor and unbecoming reporter skills with her obvious mistake in her style of presenting her story. I guess, whatever it takes to propel a career forward huh?I have never ever supported disrespectful treatment of any human being.  I never was pro-gay, and in fact have for years befriended many, fought for their rights along side of them and supported their stand against abuse from bigots.  Now, the table seems turned.  Those that I have helped are on the war path with a incorrect agenda and are taking no prisoners.  They will destroy anyone that does not hold to their world view based on no God or a “modified” God.

Sorry guys and gals.  I can not support a lie.  I can not support a sin that you willingly partake in.  Not any longer.  Not when I see the dirty tactics you use to destroy good people. 

Further, you need to watch this video by CTV with Dr. Kristopher Wells and make your own determination.  In my opinion, both persons in this video are misguided and are misleading the audience with severe untruths and, yes lies.  Dr. Wells, you are not telling the entire truth and are definitely need some re-education in moral standards.  Mr. Wells and so many others probably really do not see the light of truth as their own minds are so clouded in their love for darkness more.  It truly is sad.  A behaviour, becoming an identity and good people being burned at the homosexual stake. Yes, Alberta has its own Thought Police and it is spreading throughout North America. If any actor, politician, celebrity or well known person does not say and think exactly like the “pop-culture” reformers (Dr. Kristopher Wells and others), they will be nabbed and dragged through the media mud. They may lose their job, position or reputation if they are not “right-thinking” in accordance to the new moral standards based on a Godless world.  The only way to redeem themselves is to do what poor Barrack Obama was required to do.  That is, to go to a politically correct new-age reformed world view re-education camp for thought adjustment. The Alberta Thought Police are alive and well.

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