May 24, 2024
Press Coverage

Street minister gets two new tickets

A controversial street minister is vowing to continue working with Calgary’s homeless after being ticketed, yet again, by city bylaw services Friday evening.


Art Pawlowski of the Calgary Street Church Ministries received two tickets, the latest in a string of violations and disagreements with city officials. "We’re going to take as many people off the streets as possible, and we’re going to give those remaining people hope," Pawlowski said Saturday evening.


"We will not stop." Pawlowski used to conduct services in Triangle Park, directly across from the Calgary Drop-In Centre. Following a compromise with the city in early May, Pawlowski’s group relocated to a green space about 100 metres away, just north of 5th Avenue S.E.


After briefly ceasing to use loudspeakers — which previously led to complaints from nearby residents — Pawlowski returned to using them last week. "This is not about the speakers — this has never been about that," he said. "This is ridiculous." Pawlowski credits the church with getting over 400 people permanently off the streets in the past two years.

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