May 24, 2024

Harvest is ripe and ready!

“Do you not say, There are still four months and then comes the harvest behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest! and he who reaps receives wages, and gathers fruit for eternal life, that both he who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together.” John 4:35, 36

Street Church is excited about the new location at the steps of City Hall. We have seen God do amazing things through the preaching of the gospel, feeding the hungry, handing out tracts and Bibles, etc.

Last Wednesday their were 6 individuals who came up to the Street Church members asking to receive Christ. With no alter call given, most were not homeless, but just people who were walking by city hall, and stopping to hear the preaching and seeing the cross, God touched their hearts enough for them to come asking how they could get saved. Amen.

On Sunday at 5th and 5th a couple were listening to Sanjay preach the gospel and God touched there hearts enough for them to start crying right in the food line up. Shuni preached after Sanjay, and 2 people responded to Christ and received prayer.

This Sunday we are expecting some baptisms. Amen. Also pray for the team, which is going to Drumheller to preach the gospel.

I am fired up about this, because God is showing us yet again it is not about culture, people groups, income levels, status, etc, it is the power of the gospel to change lives, no matter where, or who we are, and it is Him only who changes lives, but He has called us to go out and preach the gospel to everyone. To make ourselves available to Him, to be a light in the darkness no matter what the opposition, or ridicule, it is awesome to be apart of Gods work, not mans work.

I have witnessed and believe if we are faithful in preaching the gospel, God will bring souls to come and hear the gospel and get saved. His first and primary way of reaching lost people is by using His church to preach and share the Gospel in word and deed to lost people. To go where sinners hang out and preach, share. A light in the darkness.

Let’s continue to step out of our comfort zones and go to where lost souls are and share Jesus with them.

The enemy and great deceiver of our souls is not taking a break, he is happy with us Christians when we focus on ourselves, are afraid to talk about Jesus, and lack urgency for the harvest. We say Lord bless me, bless me, bless me, instead of Lord use me, use me, use me! Jesus tells us to deny self, pick up our cross and follow him, then He says to lose our lives, for His sake and the gospel, then we gain life (Mark 8:34,35)

Let’s go church, let’s pray and ask God where sinners hang out around us in our city and communities, and go to them with the gospel, in whatever method God is calling us to. Pray and Go, for the sake of lost sinners headed to an everlasting eternity in the lake of fire, where there is no more hope, and eternal torment.

What greater cause is there on this earth? What do we need to give up, sacrifice, and surrender to Jesus, in order to be more useful in the hands of the living God, to reach a lost world. Jesus said I have come to seek and save that which is lost. Are you and I as followers of Christ, doing what He did, and focused on what He called us to, the great commission. The Harvest is truly white for the harvest.

“Today is the day of salvation, not tomorrow”
Live life in light of eternity,

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