May 18, 2024
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National Post Happy to Promote Left Wing Pro-Homosexual Smear Campaigns

Time to say “no” with our dollars to the left wing propaganda machines – “big media”. The National Post published an article, a couple of days ago, against PC leadership candidate Ric McIver for merely being associated to the allegedly “anti-gay” Artur Pawlowski. How absurd. Click this link to read my review of the article in question, and the stance that I believe Christians should have in relation to the matter.


Jen Gerson, with the National Post, wrote an article a couple of days ago stating that Ric McIver has ties to an “anti-gay” evangelical named Artur Pawlowski.

Firstly, I worked closely with Artur Pawlowski on various Christian events (including the Night on the Street for the Poor, March for Jesus, public youth worship events, various Christian festivals, etc) and acted as a mediator between he and various officials on several occasions. I came to know Artur very well and can attest to the fact that I witnessed, on many occasions, Artur inviting people of all backgrounds and persuasions to various events he was involved in, or events that Street Church itself had hosted. I dare say that they would likely not have invited him to their events, by the way.

Many people have accused him of being “anti-gay”, merely because he stands on the Bible as the truth, and stands for sexual relationships that align with it. But just because Artur is very vocal about the fact that he stands firmly against homosexual relationships and acts, and against the public promotion of that lifestyle, does not mean that he does not show compassion and a willingness to serve those practicing homosexuality at the table his ministry sets up. Week after week, I would see Mr. Pawlowski serve many of Calgary’s most downtrodden people and always showed a heart of service that is unparalleled in any community. Among those who came out, were people involved in homosexual relationships whom he would serve. He would talk with them, and pray with them, and for them, when they would allow him to. By doing so, he repeatedly and consistently demonstrated that he does not hate people because they identify themselves as homosexuals, rather he sees the homosexual lifestyle as a destructive force in a person’s life, whom he would say was created in the image and likeness of God.

If a person believes that a lifestyle is destructive, then the loving thing to do is to encourage people you care for to leave it.

Let me give you some food for thought in the form of an example scenario.

Someone may be “perfectly happy” using street drugs, but their family members, seeing many people suffer from drug addiction, may vigorously stand against the choice to continue the practice. Their drug using family member may want to change the name of their addictive practice, since their entire life revolves around drug use and drug culture, especially because there is such a “social stigma” against the lifestyle. Perhaps their drug addicted friends come up with a new name to identify their lifestyle with, and in a group effort they ask that everybody around them stop calling them drug abusers, and rather embrace their “lifestyle choices” as “personal choice” rather than “wrong behavior”. Then more and more people decide to cave into pressure and embrace the new name, and outlook, and even start believing that perhaps these drug abusers were, in fact, “born that way” (in spite of the fact that such a statement cannot be backed up scientifically). As a result, as society moves forward, “sober/high alliances” would start popping up in various places decrying any negative speech toward “druggies”.

After a period of time, these groups start applying pressure on the education system to teach “safe shooting” courses, starting in grades as young as grade three, where the merits of drug use and the tolerance of “druggies” is taught like a faithful mantra. In the course, children would be subjected to much drug culture paraphernalia and imagery, with “users” injecting, laying on a bed “high”, etc and all the while the imagery glorified, to teach the children just how harmless the “lifestyle choice” really is. At some point, optional counseling would be offered to young children who might think that they were born with drug addiction tendencies, and in such sessions they would be told that they should not be afraid to embrace their tendencies toward drug using; that it’s as “normal and healthy” as not using hardcore drugs. As things proceed statistics show an ever increasing trend toward street drug addiction, among the regular population, increasing occurrences of drug related diseases, and even increased deaths due to such diseases. All the while, a culture gone wild on sin promotes the practice in sitcom shows, movies, and other popular media, as though it is no worse a “choice” then choosing to be a vegetarian.

Now the fact that society, in this scenario, has completely lost its common sense with respect to the dangers of drug addiction, and in spite of the fact that there is much evidence that demonstrates that such a lifestyle is in fact detrimental to, not only the drug user but to, those around them, it does not change the friends and family members who still want to see their drug addicted family members set free from a lifestyle that they feel, passionately, is dangerous and destructive to their loved one. In desperation, they may very well call them an idiot, a fool, or many other things out of a desire to see their loved one saved from a life fraught with pitfalls and danger, and even, at points, premature death. Though you may disagree with the language used, the heart behind the message is that of love and compassion for the person, rather than the embrace of their sinful choices.

As a follower of Christ, we see that the Bible calls certain behaviors sinful, and we know that the Bible says that the wages of sin is death. We also know that the Bible says all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God, but that His gift is salvation through repentance from sin and through accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. It’s not that, as Bible believing Christians we believe we are sinless. No, rather, we see that any and all sin is an offense to God under His law and is a destructive force in our lives. We know that God has stated in His Word that He wants none to perish, for their sins, but that all should come to repentance, and receive Him as their Savior and Master.

Secondly, I find it sickening that people like Jen Gerson are still writing such intolerant articles against Traditional Christian values. After all, we are told that Canadian society is a “tolerant” one, yet Jen in the clear tone of the article, would have us believe that since Ric McIver is merely associated to the likes of homeless advocate Artur Pawlowski, his leadership ability should be questioned and his candidacy denied. What seems clear from her June 14, 2014 article is the real truth of the matter, which is that she does not like social conservatives or social conservative values, and that she is willing to smear and defame any public figure that would hold those values, or who would in any way be associated with those who do.

Jen also raises a similar incident, in her article, where the media distorted the facts regarding former CCC CEO Craig Chandler in his candidacy bid under Ed Stelmach. Craig Chandler too was slandered for being associated to a controversial figure, Reverend Stephen Boissoin the then Northern Alberta President of CCC. Mr. Boissoin, was brought before the Alberta Human Rights commission for letters he wrote to the Editor of the Red Deer Advocate, and who was later, after a tiring five year battle at his personal expense, exonerated of the claim levied against him. So while Mr. Chandler had not personally written the remarks, he was discarded due in part to being associated to the individual who did; the stock in trade of today’s “truth loving” and “tolerant” pundits, our left wing propagandists, the media.

I personally know Ric McIver and can say that I have witnessed him exercise tremendous patience and dedication in his efforts as alderman while he was in office in Calgary. He is a problem solver and is good at bringing the ideas and interests of diverse groups to the table in the form of action plans that serve the people he represents, no matter what their background or beliefs may be, or whether or not he shares those beliefs.

Perhaps Jen Gerson, and those like her, should take some lessons from the “real” Charter of Rights and freedoms that clearly states the following:

Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:

1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

Then under the section following called FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS:

2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

  • (a) freedom of conscience and religion;

  • (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;

  • (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and

  • (d) freedom of association.

As seen above, the charter doesn’t just allow those identifying themselves as homosexuals or “gay” the liberty to live in sexually immoral lifestyles, Biblically speaking, it also allows perfectly reasonable and loving people to believe that the choices that these people are making are detrimental to them and to society as a whole. Similarly, there are those who believe that it is not compassionate to speak against abortion, or divorce, or premarital sex, or gambling, or drug addiction, or pornography addiction, or alcohol abuse, or drunk driving, or any such thing, and they are entitled to hold that opinion and to debate their viewpoint vigorously and even advocate for it. The same can be said, in a free and democratic society, for those who want to see the word “sin” restored to society, and who want to see traditional family values, virtue, integrity, honesty and morality to be promoted in society due to their merits.

Now I fully understand that Jen, and others who write with an anti-Christian bent, are exercising freedom of the press in their efforts, but I think it is laughable that these people, who clearly are very intolerant, would attack public servants for being associated with those whom they feel are intolerant. True hypocrisy.

Shame on the National Post for promoting left wing propaganda, and embracing smear campaigns against those who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to serving the needs of the public. I do hope that those who believe in democracy and freedom will wake up, and speak up against such ridiculous and hypocritical bigotry against Christians who believe in traditional values. I also hope that there is a backlash against traditional media due to their left wing bigotry, veiled in news reporting and feigned compassion for the “oppressed”.

I hope that people vote “no” with their dollars against left wing propaganda outlets, that push liberalism on society, and who say be damned the consequences, live how you want.

Comments on this article:

Vicky Penny · · Top commenter

Fuck you you bitch ass, hating, loveliness, useless piece of shit hate monger supporter. There, my free speech… If you remove it, then you agree some people shouldn’t have a right to free speech, thereby making you a hypocrite. If you keep it up, then you’re practicing what you preach. It’s not as hateful as judging someone for the way God chose. God is perfect, he doesn’t make mistakes and knows our sins before we’re born. If it’s such an abomination to love despite homosexuality, then God is an abomination as well.
Victor Penny is a homosexual himself and a very vocal and well known to the media advocate for the homosexual lobby in Calgary. Tolerance and love, one way only. His way.
Victor Penny. May God bless you and save you. I wish you all the best in Jesus name.-Artur Pawłowski

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