May 18, 2024
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Man expressing “the word of god” returns to City Hall after being evicted

Ian Campbell – Pete Curtis Jan 24, 2012 13:38:02 PM

A Calgary man is returning to City Hall with "the word of god" after being arrested and banned from the city facility a month ago.

Jim Blake says he and is colleagues planned to sing hymns and read from the bible on December 20th inside the atrium.

"When we went there," Blake tells 660News, "we found ourselves face-to-face with Calgary’s corporate security and with police officers who informed us that we didn’t have any right to be there."

"We weren’t doing anything more than the occupiers did in the new City Hall," Blake continues.  "When the officers arrested us, all they could say to us is that we were trespassing."

That action, claims Blake, was a violation of his democratic freedoms.

"In a sense that politicians and corporate security and police officers would ignore what the Supreme Court again and again has indicated are fundamental to our society," he adds.  "So we’re going back there to underline that."

Blake, who was under a 30-day no trespass notice, planned to return to City Hall during the noon hour Tuesday for an encore performance in exercising freedom of religion, expression and peaceful assembly.–man-expressing-the-word-of-god-returns-to-city-hall-after-being-evicted

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