May 24, 2024
Press Coverage

Jesse Rau is a CHP candidate for Calgary-Signal Hill

The Christian Heritage Party today announced that Jesse Rau has been confirmed as a CHP candidate in Calgary-Signal Hill. Mr. Rau is the Calgary bus driver who recently spoke out about a Calgary City bus being used to promote non-traditional sexual lifestyles.

Speaking in Ottawa, the Leader of the Christian Heritage Party, Rod Taylor, commended Mr. Rau for his outspoken support of traditional marriage. “Jesse is a fine young man, a good husband and a responsible father. Like all of us in the CHP, he wants to see Canada return to her historic moral traditions. This nation was founded on principles of biblical morality and justice. People like Jesse must be free to express their deeply-held convictions. They must not be forced to promote and support lifestyles and behaviours with which they disagree.

“The Calgary City bus controversy goes beyond the dictates of one man’s conscience. It goes to the heart of what it means to be Canadian. Regular users of Calgary’s transit system also will be faced with difficult decisions when it comes to boarding the bus. Why should city buses carry a message that is offensive to a large portion of the population, especially those whose worldview is consistent with that of the founders of Canada?

“We are happy to have a candidate of such high moral character and conviction. Canada needs more men and women who are prepared to put principles over career aspirations. Mr. Rau has made a personal sacrifice for the good of this nation and we would love to see him representing the citizens of Calgary-Signal Hill.”

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