May 23, 2024

Powerful letter to Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

Hope all is well with you and all your Loved ones. Thank you for keeping Abraham’s Blessing from God our Father, for standing as Israel’ s Best Friend. As is said Israel is the only example of Freedom in middle east. Please as Leader of our Home and native land, Uphold the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for all. Tolerance is what Keeps us Great, but for Christians who express their Freedom, there is no tolerance.

Righteousness Blesses the Nation, wickedness curses it. Keep Freedom our Strong Foundation. Let the wicked be wicked, but let the Righteous be Righteous. I will Keep Praying Mr. Prime Minister that you Can and Will do what’s Right and that our Beloved Canada Will Prevail as a True conservative Government this oct. 19 


Shalom your Neighbour Dave Hughes

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