May 28, 2024

Meeting Artur Pawlowski, A Modern day Martin Luther

May 3, 2024 Gerry Wagoner

The Ashland Community Prayer Breakfast was held at Ashland University’s Convocation Center  on May 2 at six in the morning.  The theme was Lift Up the Word, Light up the World. The guest speaker was Artur Pawlowski, a Polish pastor from Canada.

I drove to northern Ohio on Wednesday evening; big thanks to the Weaver family for allowing me to stay in their dawdi haus (in Amish culture, the dawdi haus is a smaller home, attached to or near the main house, which the farmer moves into when he retires and sells the farm and main house to one of his children).  It was quiet and comfortable.

I got up at 4:45 AM in order to make it on time.  I wanted to meet this Pawlowski fellow.  When we left West Salem, the sun was considering rising over the eastern horizon, but not yet committed. We made it to Ashland right on time, walking the final half mile with Greg Chardon.

The breakfast was very good and there were about 500 people in attendance.  Thanks to Jeff Miller, we had a table right up front.  Before the meeting, Andy and I had a 15-minute conversation with Artur. After the meeting, I gave Artur’s wife a copy of the Great Controversy, a book that Dr. Peter McCullough has read and appreciated. He (Peter) now recommends it in many of his presentations.

Under Justin Trudeau, Canada has suffered many human rights abuses over the last nine years, with none worse than the last four. We would probably have never known the name Artur Pawlowski if Covid-19 hadn’t come along and provided far left governments (Canada, Australia, Austria, New Zealand, New York, California, and the Biden administration etc..) a perfect opportunity to violate human rights with mandates, shutdowns, and protocols.

Artur became internationally known in 2021 when he threw the police and the Alberta Health Services lady out of his church during Easter service.  In the video, posted on YouTube, Mr Pawlowski confronted the group and said: “Nazis are not welcome here.”  He was later arrested by the Canadian government, seeking to make an example out of him. 

Here’s Artur

“Jesus was the greatest defender of freedom. We should be too.

Why did Canada hate me so much?  Because I represented God in a culture that is increasingly hostile towards Him.  You will not see a meeting like this in Canada (looks around).  The people are fearful.

Let me say this.  Ohio has a special spot in my heart.  Over the last three years, with many dark moments, Ohio stood up for liberty when Canada forsook me.  (Ohio passed a motion in June 2022, calling for Canada to be placed on a religious liberty watch list, due to their repressive Covid measures that shut down churches and places of worship.)

We have lost a valuable commodity in western culture—we have forgotten courage.  It is a hard to find commodity.  The furnace of oppression and ungodliness is getting hotter.   We need the testimony of converted Christians who stand up for truth.  Are you willing to become that testimony?

Lots of people say they want to see Jesus.  Do you want to see Jesus?  He shows up in a fire (Daniel 3:25).  He shows up when we are humble (Isaiah 57:15).

What was done to us in Canada was evil but look what God did for us.  They meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.  We stood up in the midst of great oppression.  We are still standing, by the grace of God.  We are unbroken (2 Corinthians 4:8).

I grew up in Poland, behind the iron curtain.  Poland was always under attack.  We were oppressed by Hitler, we were oppressed by Soviet Russia.
Remember, Hitler was legitimately elected.  He enacted laws against the Jewish people, but the first victims were German people.  They were indoctrinated to hate a race of people (similar to the way white people are being vilified in woke culture today).  The tyrant was their own government.

Today, tyrants are telling people you will own nothing and be happy.  They are eating rich food, while telling people to eat bugs.  Look what they are doing. If I was king, I would charge those people with treason.  You will not see a meeting like this in Canada.  Many people are ashamed.

I was arrested 16 times. I received over 150 tickets.  What was my crime?  Feeding hungry.  I was shocked when I was ticketed for helping poor.  Pilgrims that came to America had a dream.  That dream was freedom of religion and the freedom to worship God according to their conscience.  Canada benefitted from that dream, we were brothers on the same continent.  Are you still the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Standing For Freedom & Truth

Mark Twain once said “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

My mother once told me I had a big mouth.  She (jokingly) said, use it for God.  I did.  I refused to bow. Good doesn’t bow to evil people (Esther 3:2).  

I got in trouble for exposing evil.  I was charged for inciting people to go to church.  Of course, I incite people to go to church!  I am a pastor, I am a Christian.  No apologies from me!  I was charged for not wearing a muzzle (mask). I was told what to preach, by a secular judge. I refused.

I wanted to be free.  For that I was stripped naked.  I was put in prison. Twice they tried to burn our church and my house.  I was physically attacked several times. The guards guarding me were bribed to kill me.  They declined.  I am still here, thanks be to God.  We are the children of God, friends let us never forget it.  At times I experienced loneliness, but the Lord never left me.

There were times I Googled my name.  I could not believe some of the things that were said about me.  There were many untrue rumors about me.  The enemies of truth will lie about those who stand for truth. The Covid cult have been lying to us, even some churches.  Covid overreach was the biggest propaganda I have ever seen, and I grew up behind the Iron Curtain.  Even in communism, churches were not shut down.  Not like they were during Covid.

Popular in Prison

Outside the prisons I was held in were people saying “Free Pastor Art”.  I spent twenty-one days in solitary confinement.  What should I do?  When I got out of solitary confinement, I started a church service among the prisoners. Many people attended.

“People follow titles and diplomas. They are enamored with degrees that mean nothing in the Kingdom of God.  Instead we need to follow truth and courage.  Are you willing to pay the price?”

— Artur Pawlowski

Some Muslims came to me in prison and asked me to pray for them.  They had been tormented by dreams and evil thoughts. I led them to Jesus.  The dreams went away and peace filled their lives.  Many inmates said “You have restored my faith in humanity.”  Lots of people came to Christ through those times when I was imprisoned.

Friends, I’m not the most educated person.  I’m just willing to go all the way.  You don’t need education for that, you need a willing heart and a saving knowledge of the One True God.

He has a promised land for all of us.  We are not there yet, but we must be willing to go there.

People follow titles and diplomas. They are enamored with degrees that mean nothing in the Kingdom of God.  Instead we need to follow truth and courage.  Are you willing to pay the price?  Everyone dies, but not every man lives.  Living for God makes you completely alive, friend.

Good wins every war in the long run.  Freedom in Canada is collapsing, we have been invaded by haters of democracy.  There are many such haters in America.

Who is your God?  Our God is bigger than bacteria.  Should I fear a virus?  No.  We must follow the Lion of the tribe of Judah.  We must be the head, not the tail.

We were called non-essential.  Through capitulation, we became irrelevant. There were lots of suicides since Covid, by people who gave up.  They lost hope.  Had we stood up for truth and freedom in Christian churches, some of them might still be alive.  Stand against evil in the land, friends.  Stand against abortion, gender confusion, and damaging drugs.  I pray that you will rise up.  Flap your wings like an eagle.

The Trucker Blockade

In 2022, I was invited by truckers to hold church services for those who were protesting the draconian Canadian Covid vax mandates by the Trudeau regime.  I accepted the invitation to share the gospel there.  I went gladly to pray with them.  I preached to crowds.  One time I spoke to a crowd of 20,000 people. 

Afterwards I went to small town and spoke there, I shared my heart with people.  Afterwards, I was arrested by every force in Canada.  There were Sheriffs, Provincial Police, local police, Criminal Intelligence Service officers, Organized Crime Agency officers, the terrorist branch of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police etc.  It was a beautiful take down.  They wanted to make an example out of me.  They don’t like anyone challenging their authority or urging people to discern right from wrong.  God eventually made an example out of them.

I was interrogated for hours. They placed me in prison.  While there I prayed with prisoners.  To keep me from encouraging or praying with others they place me in solitary confinement. It was a concrete cell. I was placed in Max (maximum) prison in Edmonton, where they keep the most dangerous terrorists.  

I asked for a pen so I could write, but I was not allowed to have a pen.  They said I was too dangerous, a terrorist.  Eventually my lawyers smuggled me a pen.  I wrote a book in prison.  It will be available soon.  Some guards tried to convince other inmates to hurt me, but they refused.  I was told this by many of the inmates.

Some say make America great again.  I agree, and I say make America blessed again.  Make America Godly again.  Make America free again.

On Trial

I was charged with criminal mischief for preaching at the border during the trucker blockade.  I was charged with inciting violence and interrupting infrastructure (all for preaching a 19-minute sermon).  I was found guilty of every charge and faced ten years in prison.  But I still kept preaching and speaking to people.  I guess I am more stubborn than all donkeys put together.   

When they concluded they couldn’t shut me up by threats and force, they offered me two million dollars (Canadian) to shut up. I declined.  They offered me a seat in parliament.  For eight months they tried to buy my silence.  But I could not be bought because I was already purchased by the blood of Jesus (spontaneous standing ovation).

Then they tried blackmail and bribes.  They sent fixers.  They threatened life in prison.  The ‘fixers’ said “Be quiet for two years.  This will go away.”  I refused. “You must admit you were wrong”, they said.  No.  I am not sorry for standing up for freedom and standing against tyranny.  I am grateful to be used by God.

At the final trial and sentencing for my crime of preaching to the trucker convoy, the judge did something you never see in court.  He stopped the proceedings and excused himself, saying he wasn’t sure what to do.  People were outside praying.  Eventually the judge came back in and said “You are free to go.” I don’t know what happened outside the courtroom, but I was grateful for the verdict.

They meant it for evil but God meant it for good.  I have suffered many things, but I have been able to reach millions around world.  God is real, and He calls us to live authentic Christian lives.

Are you the real deal?  You call yourself Christians, but when there is a price to pay, are you nowhere to be found?  Friends, we must fight for souls.  We must stand together.


“The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion” (Proverbs 28:1).

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