April 20, 2024
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Feeding the Homeless in Calgary/ Art Pawlowski & the Controversy

Have you heard about Street Church and all the controversy surrounding its activities of feeding homeless people opposite City Hall Calgary?

If you have heard or read the news reports, are you sure you have been given the full truth?

If you have not heard of the controversy, then you most likely will at some point.

Either way, the truth is about to come out in a huge way! Street Church caught the attention of A famous documentary maker, who spent weeks last year filming the activities of Street Church and also interviewing volunteers, people who have been helped and government officials. The end result is an incredible and inspiring documentary called; “Street Advocate”. Also covered is the amazing story of a baby who was miraculously healed. This became the motivation and defining moment that lead the founder of Street Church to give his life to the service of others.

The documentary has it’s big screen premier on Saturday February 1st, 2014 6:30PM. 1133 Kensington Road N.W. Calgary, AB, I have tickets and you can call me on 403 714 7846 or get them online @ http://www.streetadvocate.ca

Street Church could really use your help. It’s very costly providing free meals 4 times a week on the streets of Calgary. Please support the ministry if you can, by attending the premier, buying the DVD or volunteering time or a small donation. http://www.streetadvocate.ca

Mark Rayner


Street Advocate DVD and Blu-Ray covers!!!

street-advocate-bluray 2


street-advocate-dvd 2

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