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City of Calgary displays bias and bigotry


City of Calgary displays bias and bigotry

October 27, 2011

CALGARY – Calgary’s street preacher Artur Pawlowski today came out and stated that The City of Calgary has now clearly shown, beyond a reasonable doubt, that they are openly biased and anti-Christian in their application of the law.

Pawlowski, a preacher who has been preaching on the streets for eight years and during that time has, through his ministry, Street Church, taken care of thousands of Calgary’s most downtrodden population, its homeless people, is crying foul. In the eyes of Calgary’s homeless preacher, the current protests of Occupy Calgary have demonstrated, once again, that the City has no problem relaxing its bylaws when it serves its interests to do so, allowing the feeding of the homeless and other activities that he has been fighting in the courts, to do, for several years.

"The fact that the City of Calgary allows these protests [of Occupy Calgary] to continue without so much as a single ticket, even when the protesters have now caused over $40,000 in damages to Olympic Plaza, while my ministry has been fined over and over for carrying out some of the same activities, they are doing, demonstrates their clear anti-Christian bias. We, unlike Occupy Calgary, have not damaged City property, what we have done is taken care of the homeless and brought them a message of hope", stated Pawlowski.

"I am calling for justice, I am calling the cowardly media to cover our case instead of ignoring it, and I am serious about my intent on the City recognizing the bias and harm they have done to myself and the ministry of Street Church", exclaimed Pawlowski.

Mr. Pawlowski is calling for a public inquiry on the dealings of the City and the unbalanced, biased and malicious tactics it has displayed against his ministry. He has also stated that he will be filing a new human rights case against the City and that he may persue a malicious persecution lawsuit to recover costs for his wrongful persecution.

Anyone who is interested in discussing this matter with Artur Pawlowski can come on Sunday, October 30, 2011 at the steps of City Hall at 2:00 pm

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