May 24, 2024

Upcoming Organizational Meeting

Even though there is still a lot of time until the March for Jesus 2012, there is much to organize to make sure that the march is a memorable and God glorifying event. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce that the first March for Jesus 2012 organizational meeting is soon to be held at the Centre Street West Campus facility. Last year’s organizational meeting went well in that we had many people come out and present their views and commit to assisting with and promoting the March for Jesus 2011. Those individuals actively delivered on their commitment and were helpful in getting the word out and in getting more participants to come and enjoy what the Lord was doing. We were blessed that some even faithfully financially supported the march, others committed and delivered worship teams, and equipment, and still others came and volunteered in various ways both leading up to and on the day of the march.

We are hoping to see even more attendees and participants in this year’s organizational meeting and in the carrying out of the March this year. So if you have ideas on making the March better, if you have skills, and gifting to contribute, please come and participate in this year’s organizational meeting. You are important and needed in making this celebration all that it can be in Christ Jesus to the glory of the Father.

We are asking for your feedback on the following TV commercial. We are thinking of putting it on CTV, Global TV, etc and would like to know your thoughts:

TV Commercial (30 Seconds)

We would also like your feedback on the following radio commercial as we are thinking of airing it on QR77, AM660 and AM1140 and would like to know your thoughts:

2012 Radio Commercial

Here is a video to remind you about how wonderful the March for Jesus 2011 was, and to encourage you to get to word out to as many as possible about the upcoming march.

Marching Part 2 (28 Minutes)

The organizational meeting will be held at Centre Street Church West Campus on Saturday November 5th 1:30pm

For more information about the March for Jesus 2012 or the organizational meeting, we can be contacted via the following methods:

Please encourage your friends your family and your neighbours to come and have a wonderful time at our Father’s Day Celebration. Let them know that you are proclaiming your love for Jesus publicly to the glory of your Heavely Father.

To all who came to last year’s organizational meeting and contributed in one way or another to making the March for Jesus 2011 a great success, we sincerely thank you and ask God’s blessing upon you for your heart and service.

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