June 17, 2024
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Calgary driver fired over refusal to drive Pride bus to run in federal election

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A former Calgary Transit driver who sparked controversy last month with his public refusal to drive the city’s new Pride bus is now a candidate in the federal election.

Jesse Rau, 30, is running for the Christian Heritage Party in the riding of Calgary Signal Hill.

He has registered as a candidate in the Oct. 19 election, according to a news release issued by Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who runs the Street Church in Calgary.

Rau made headlines in August when he went public and said he’d quit if he had to drive Calgary’s Pride-themed rainbow bus, which was put into service during Pride Week and operated on various routes in the city. He said it went against his beliefs as a Christian.

However, Calgary Transit said Rau was never asked to drive the bus and would not be assigned to it.

He was fired Sept. 10.

According to Rau’s notice of termination, which he supplied to reporters, Rau made “false and misleading comments” about the Pride bus that “put the reputation of The City at risk.”

Transit director Doug Morgan couldn’t comment specifically on Rau’s case, but said Calgary Transit has a code of conduct that all employees are expected to follow. The code of conduct also covers social media and public comments.

The news release issued late Thursday says Rau is running to represent those “who are bullied by political correctness to do things which violate their consciences and their commitment to Christian Biblical values.”

A press conference about Rau’s candidacy will take place Friday afternoon.

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