May 28, 2024
Press Coverage

Pro-Palestinian protesters in Calgary apology “F*ck the Jews, f*ck Jesus, f*ck christians”

Yesterday the pro-Palestinian protesters in Calgary held another protest in front of the new City Hall. The “mainstream media” reported that the protesters apologized for the beating of the pro-Israelite protesters that occurred on July 18th.

What they did not want you to know is that after this so called apology yesterday, some of the pro-Palestinian protesters came again to the church uttering threats and declaring that they will kill us all. Because the church had, like always, for the past 8 years an Israeli flag with them. Some of the “terrorists” wear masks covering their faces and with their hands and with their fingers close to their throats were showing to all of us how they are going to cut our throats.

They were screaming at us: F*ck the Jews, f*ck Jesus, f*ck christians etc.

So much for the apology.

This is their way of apologizing for the violence last week. Peace according to Islam. Media were there, but they refuse to tell you what really is going on. The “mainstream media” is biased and pro-Palestinian.

Did the “main stream media” report on what really happened? Of course not. They have a different agenda, their own. They do not want you to know what is going on.

Canada we are in a lot of trouble. Please pray for those poor souls, pray for their salvation. May the true God, Jesus Christ open their eyes.

Police came, and we are still waiting for the charges to be laid. I wonder if their is going to be two sets of laws. One for the Islamists and another one for the rest of Canadians.

We have a question for the Mayor of Calgary Mr. Naheed Nenshi. Sir, we do understand that you yourself are of the Muslim faith and a very passionate one, you swore on the koran when you took the office of the Mayor. Do you condone and approve of the actions of those terrorists on the streets of our city Calgary? Do you agree with this violence and threats that those terrorists are promoting and forwarding in the city that you are the Mayor of? Please answer us!

Can Islamists in Canada do what ever they want and get away with it?

Here are some pictures of the attackers from the last protest:

IMG 0620

IMG 0597

IMG 0591

IMG 0590

IMG 0586

IMG 0608

IMG 0611

IMG 0618

Here in this video you will be able to see what the “mainstream media” refused to show you. Watch what had happened after those terrorists left the New City Hall on July 18, 2014 and where they moved to find new victims. Shocking and unbelievable that something like this is taking place in democratic Canada.

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