June 17, 2024
March for JesusNews

March for Jesus 2018! What a fantastic day that was!

What a fantastic day that was!!! We Marched for our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ on the streets of Calgary. We preached the Gospel, prophesied to the dry bones, prayed and declared the will of the Living God in our country! The weather was great, the sun was shining, the gentle breeze was cooling us down, and the atmosphere was electrifying! You could tangibly feel the presence of Heaven! God with his Hosts was marching with us!

The joy was contagious! We were dancing, singing and jumping with true happiness in our hearts. Some were saved, some strengthened and some fired up once again!

That’s what public proclamation of the name of Jesus does, raises the dead and fires up the lukewarm! Worthy is the Lord to be praised and worshiped.

People were prayed for and some were anointed with oil. Children had a blast at the water park, with dancing, and the bouncy house! This is what it is all about, real family spending a good time together!

Great BBQ with fantastic African style rice sealed the day of joy. Hundreds of poor from our city were also fed showing the real and tangible love of our God.

Thank you, lovers of Christ, for coming and spending this day with all of us! You are the true worshipers of God! You have chosen the Spirit over the flesh! Thank You! May the Lord greatly reward you!

What an amazing privilege it was to be able to honor our Heavenly Father by publicly honoring His Son!

Jesus all for Jesus!

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