May 18, 2024

What a day

I had a very interesting day filled with excitement and adventure. A few weeks ago I was invited to come and speak at the international TV station about healings, signs and wonders. I don’t have to tell you how excited I was. God has done so many miracles in my life and the lives of so many people in the ministry. Specifically, they were interested in the miracle healing of my son Nathaniel. My wife and three children accompanied me to the TV station. We had an hour to tell the story of what happened during Nathaniel’s birth and the miracle that took place afterward. I was so proud of my son. It was his first time ever speaking in front of live cameras. He did a great job! We spoke about The Mighty God who is the same yesterday, today and forever, and about Jesus who heals and performs signs and wonders today as He did when He was walking this earth in the flesh. To be able to speak about my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, literally to millions of viewers around the world was a very special moment in my life and doing this all with my son Nathaniel was just priceless.

From the studio, we rushed back home for the evening service of Street Church. At 6 PM I was feeding the poor and giving people hope in the name of Jesus Christ. You have to understand that to be able to practice what you preach is always very powerful. When you do this you know that you are not just a hypocritical talker, but you are an actual doer. God delights in His children when they obey Him. A man came to me just yesterday and said: “Last winter you guys saved my life and if it was not for you I would be dead”. Praise God! We will never know the great impact there is in obedience and faithfulness and how it affects people’s lives.

At 7:40pm a police van pulled up next to the Street Church truck. I went with Jesse to find out what the problem was. I approached the van and found three police officers standing next to the truck. Next, I heard some very familiar words, “Artur you are under arrest.” I replied with, “Oh, OK.” The officer asked me to put my hands behind my back. I took my gloves off and gave them to Jesse before being escorted to the back of the police van where I was searched. After they were done, they opened up the door and let me into a very comfortable “rat cage.” The lights were off, so I made myself very comfortable knowing that I would have over 20 hours of preaching, singing and meditating ahead of me. Then the lights came on. Wow! I thought to myself. They really want me to be comfortable. Then I realized that I still had my cell phone on me which meant that I also had a camera. Since I don’t have any photos of me inside a police vehicle, I thought this was a great opportunity to take some nice pictures of myself. 🙂 For the next few minutes, I had a modelling session with myself. You have to remember that usually I have my hands cuffed behind my back making it difficult to take a profile shoot :-).

The first picture I took scared me because my head was so big. I realized that if it was going to work, I would have to stretch my arms out a little further. I stretched my hands as far as I could and the next six or seven pictures were awesome. I was really proud of myself for doing such a good job of taking pictures. It was then that the door opened and one of the three police officers demanded that I give him my cell phone. With no options, I handed over the phone. Now you may ask yourself this question, if the pictures were so nice why can you not see them? The answer is actually simple. When the police officers took my phone, they deleted my entire modelling session without my approval or consent. And you are absolutely right, what the officers did was illegal. At best they were tampering with private property for which they would need a warrant and at worst they were tampering with evidence.

About 15 minutes later, I was released on a promise to appear in front of the courts. The reason for the arrest was five outstanding warrants issued for me for attaching signs like “Jesus is King” to city property.

God bless them. I am very grateful that they let me out. You have to agree that this was a very exciting day.

The next morning, my son Nathaniel summed it up best: “At 11am my dad was preaching to millions of people through satellite, cable and the internet at a TV station. At 6Pm, he was feeding the poor and giving people hope on the Streets of Calgary. At 7:45pm, he was arrested and detained in a police vehicle. By 10 pm he was back at home eating dinner. What a day!”

TV station

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Pictures from Dawid’s camera:




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