June 17, 2024

Pastor Lawrence Irwin from Centre Street Church

We had almost 70 people attend our church service this past Tuesday.

There was about 30 children that came from a school to join us in singing the national anthem along with members from other churches and Pastor Lawrence Irwin from Centre Street Church preached a simple but powerful message about standing on the truth of God’s word in everything we say and do with no compromising.

As Pastor Lawrence said that in the end of the day, when you are on your death bed, what matters is not your money, not your titles, and not your prestige or possessions, but your relationship with God. Simply saying, where are you going to spend eternity? And this goes for all of us. The only difference is that those who believe in Jesus Christ have this assurance, that we are saved by the power of His blood.

Let people know about our Tuesday prayer and worship meetings.

Jesus at the heart of the city.

(we were not taking pictures while kids were with us)

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