June 17, 2024

Back to the Streets comic book #4

We are very excited to announce that our fourth comic book script is out. The previous comics continues to be a hit on the streets. We have given away thousands of hard copies to churches, children at the festivals and to the homeless. Comic books were read on our website 10s of thousands of times. Amazing that God will use something as simple as a picture story book to touch so many lives with his love hope and peace.

The creation and design of a comic book requires lots of time and patience, we are very grateful to our artist that does such a wonderful job in bringing the stories to life. If you want to be part of this amazing tool to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and help us in bringing another hard copy of comic book number 4 please let us know. To produce and print this comic we are looking at around 7 thousand dollars.

Our three previous chapters are being translated into Polish and will be released to the public this year. Praise God.

We will over come by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

Enjoy the script.

Back to the Streets #4

Cover Page

Frame 1. Thug with a knife gets close to Jude and says : “Now I will kill you.”

Page 1

1. Street church has just arrived at the location under the bridge. (Street church scene filled with cross, table, BBQ, volunteers unloading, etc.)

Frame 2. Jude looks at a commotion that is happening under the bridge.

Frame 3. 4 people are fighting. Fists are flying.

Frame 4. Shock is on Jude’s face.

Page 2

Frame 1. Three guys are murdering another homeless man (a knife sticking from this man’s back).

Frame 2. Jude thinks to himself: “God I have to do something.”

Frame 3. Jude runs with all his might up to the three guys who are attacking the man. They do not see him.

Frame 4. Jude grabs the first man by his clothes and flings him through the air (away from the attacked man).

Page 3

Frame 1. Jude punches another man who then falls away.

Frame 2. The third man tries to punch Jude.

Frame 3. Jude kicks him in the stomach.

Frame 4. All three men run away. The victim is left behind.

Page 4

Frame 1. An ambulance takes the injured man away

Frame 2. Jude is preaching under the bridge: “This is what happens when you are chasing life that is under a curse of violence and hatred. The devil offers death and misery. Yet, we are here to tell you that our God will give you a life of freedom and peace. He will exchange your life of slavery for one of love. Choose freedom and live.”

Frame 3. Some homeless people become convicted, “He’s right. He’s speaking the truth.”

Frame 4. Some other homeless people begin saying, “I am sick and tired of life on the streets. I want out.”

Page 5

Frame 1. Jude is praying with some people. They are accepting Christ.

Frame 2. Volunteers are singing: “My chains are gone. I have been set free. ” (2 volunteers are playing guitar).

Frame 3. Monty: (with cowboy hat is standing behind a grill with a line up of homeless people in front.) “Jesus is the only way! Remember he is mighty to save.”

Frame 4. Bogdan, Dawid, and Jude are talking to each other. Bogdan: “What a day! God have mercy on all of them.”

Page 6

Frame 1. At a prayer meeting in Jude’s house. (About 30 people are sitting in a variety of places)

Frame 2. Some are praying : “God protect us and keep us.”

Frame 3. Another lady is praying: “Jesus, touch those on the streets with your love and peace.”

Frame 4. Jude : ” Remember to pray before you go to the streets. Do not go without praying, because we need Gods protection.”

Page 7

Frame 1. Under the bridge Lou is sharing his testimony: “I was a drunk and an addict. I wanted to drink myself to death. I had no purpose and no hope. All my life I was in trouble. I was kicked out of different schools…”

Frame 2. Under the bridge prostitutes are listening intently.

Frame 3. Lou continues: “Finally I cried out to God, and He changed me. Jesus! He is the one who broke the yoke of addiction in my life…”

Frame 4. Close up on the faces of the homeless people. There are tears in their eyes.

Page 8

Frame 1. Lou continues: “He is the Father that loves every man. Repent from your sins and turn away from your wickedness. Jesus will give you life and give it in abundance.”

Frame 2. Lou and Bogdan are baptizing a few people in the river.

Frame 3. Dawid is under the bridge sharing: “I was a drug addict and I used to sell drugs right here. I used to give death, but now I am telling you to pick life!”

Frame 4. Some drug dealers are talking to each other: “Those people are going to chase away our customers.” One looks at the other: “No, come on! Are you serious?” The first one continues: “I am telling you if they keep on like this, people will quit using drugs. No more clients. No more money.”

Page 9

Frame 1. Dawid continues: “Drugs will kill you. Alcohol will destroy you. Prostitution and pimping will lead straight to the grave. Mark my words. It is just a matter of time.”

Frame 2. Some homeless come to Dawid: “Please pray for us. We want out.”

Frame 3. The same drug dealers are observing the scene.

Frame 4. One says to another: “See! I told you. Soon we will have no clients here.”

Page 10 next week

Frame 1. Jude is under the bridge: “Welcome to Street Church. The church that is under the biggest roof in the world.”

Frame 2. Faces of happy homeless people.

Frame 3. Jude continues: “We can go anywhere. We can move everywhere. You are welcome here. God loves you and He cares, and that is why we are here. What you see here is a tangible manifestation of His mercy and compassion…”

Frame 4. Jude is addressing a big line up of people under the bridge.

Page 11

Frame 1.Jude continues: ” These tables here are simply saying I love you not just with mere words, but also with deeds.”

Frame 2. Homeless people are listening.

Frame 3. Monty is on BBQ flipping burgers.

Frame 4. Jude continues: “God calls us to go to forward and show His kingdom in action. This is God’s real love.”

Page 12

Frame 1. Bogdan is praying with someone.

Frame 2. Suddenly, a big commotion begins around the line up.

Frame 3. Dawid looks at what is going on.

Frame 4. Dawid sees a lady with a knife ready to stab a guy in the chest.

Page 13

Frame 1. Maurice and Dawid jump at the lady to take the knife away.

Frame 2. Dawid grabs the lady by her clothes and shoves her away. The knife drops to the ground. Maurice picks up the knife and hides it.

Frame 3. The lady is very upset and says: “You will pay for this!”

Frame 4. The drug dealers and the lady are talking to each other: “We have to do something with them. Let’s kill them!”

Page 14

Frame 1. Drug dealers: “It’s about time! Let’s do it. I know someone who will help us.”

Frame 2. That same day. The same drug dealers are talking to the local gang. Drug dealers say to the gang members: “So will you help us with our little problem?

Frame 3. A gang member replies: “Consider it done. They are messing with our businesses as well.”

Frame 4. A line up at Street Church

Page 15

Frame 1. Monty is on the grill giving out sausages.

Frame 2. One of homeless comes up to Jude pointing his finger like a gun. “I have a pistol. You’re a dead man.”

Frame 3. Jude, Bogdan, Dawid, Louis and others are praying: “God protect us and deal with our enemies. We break the curse of violence and hatred in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Frame 4. Jude is preaching: “We are here because God has anointed us to preach the good news of the gospel. We do not stand here on our own authority. We are God’s ambassadors and we are declaring His righteousness, and His laws. Take it or leave it. Life or death. Today it is up to you.”

Page 16

Frame 1. Eight or nine gang members approach Street Church from a distance.

Frame 2. Jude continues: “Today by God’s grace you can choose life. So live! You can choose peace. So then choose peace, forgive and be free!”

Frame 3. Gang members are taking their knives out as they approach Jude.

Frame 4. A few guys are right next to Jude with knives ready to strike.

Page 17

Frame 1. Jude is slowly moving backwards. He is avoiding close contact.

Frame 2. Louis: “Oh God help us!”

Frame 3. Another volunteer: “Please, Jesus! Have mercy on us. “(Panic is on his face)

Frame 4. Homeless people are watching what is happening intensely.

Page 18

Frame 1. One of the gang members is approaching Monty with a knife hidden behind his back: “I’m going to kill you!”

Frame 2. Monty: “You cannot kill me.”

Frame 3. Gang member: “Why not?”

Frame 4. Monty: “Because I am your cook. Remember, I cook hotdogs for you.”

Page 19

Frame 1. Gang member: “Oh? O.K.”

Frame 2. Gang member grabs a cooler lid and goes to whack Jude in the head with it.

Frame 3. Monty: “You cannot take the cooler lid.”

Frame 4 Gang member: “Why not?”

Frame 5. Monty grabs cooler lid away from gang member. Monty says: “It’s mine.”

Page 20

Frame 1. Gang member looks very confused.

Frame 2. One of the gangsters is following Jude.

Frame 3. Monty is thinking to himself, “If they attack Jude, I’m going to whack them with the cooler lid.”

Frame 4. Jude stops and one of the volunteers, a blond girl named Wendy, gets between Jude and the gangster.

Page 21

Frame 1. Close up on Wendy’s face. Wendy: “Stop that in the name of Jesus.”

Frame 2. Gang member looks scared.

Frame 3. Gang member turns around and walks away.

Frame 4. Other gang members are look spooked.

Page 22

Frame 1. The gang is walking away.

Frame 2. The volunteers are very relieved.

Frame 3. The homeless say to each other: “Wow, I really thought they were going down.”

Frame 4. Lou to Jude: “That was very close.”

Page 23

Frame 1.Dawid: “We almost met the Maker. That was so intense.”

Frame 2. Bogdan: “Let’s pray and thank God for sparing our lives today. It’s only because of Jesus that we are still alive.”

Frame 3. The whole group of volunteers prays together.

Frame 4. The gang a few hours later. Gang leader: “What was that? Tell me. What just happened out there?”

Page 24

Frame 1. Gang members hang their heads down. “We have no idea. It was like there was some sort of a power with those people.”

Frame 2. Another gang member: “Yeah, man! It felt like a force and there was all of this confusion. I just felt an overwhelming fear that crippled me.”

Frame 3. Boss to the rest: “Next time make sure that this does not happen again.”

Frame 4. The gang is saying: “Oh for sure, man.”

Page 25 A few weeks later.

Frame 1. City workers are putting a fence under the bridge. It covers almost the entire area that Street Church uses.

Frame 2. One worker to the other: “The politicians are very determined to destroy those Street Church people.”

Frame 3. Second worker: “What do you mean?”

Frame 4. First worker: “This is the third place that we have fenced in order to force those guys to change their meeting place.”

Page 26

Frame 1. Second worker: “Are you serious? Why?”

Frame 2. First worker: “I have no idea. We are just pawns in this game. Something is not right. It’s fishy, but that’s not our business. Let’s just finish this.”

Frame 3. Louis is preaching standing in the back of a pickup truck outside of the fenced area on the road. Lou: “God loves you. Turn to Him and he will forgive you.”

Frame 4. The BBQ and the line up are between the truck and the fence. We can see Monty serving food.

Page 27

Frame 1. Bogdan is preaching: “If God is for us, who can be against us? He has the power over life and death. Turn to Jesus and make peace with the living God.”

Frame 2. Gang members are looking on from afar.

Frame 3. Gang leader to his thugs: “I will tell you when to attack.”

Frame 4. Gang members: “O.K.” We can see Bogdan in the distance.

Page 28

Frame 1. Suddenly, police cruisers arrive.

Frame 2. Two officers are talking to Jude: ” Your truck is parked illegally. You have to move.”

Frame 3. Jude “But, sir, there are 2 big buses parked here as well.”

Frame 4. Officer to Jude: “I told you. This is a safety violation. Move it or we will tow it.”

Frame 5. Jude replies: “Tell me when this harassment is going to stop. Every single day busses and all kinds of cars are parked here illegally and you do not see a problem, but when a Street Church truck is here, it is suddenly an issue.”

Frame 6. Officer on his walkie talkie: “We need back up. Send more officers”

Page 29

Frame 1. Jude to police: “Listen, we parked the truck here because it gives us at least a little bit of protection. Since they fenced in the area, it has become very difficult and extremely dangerous for us to minister here.”

Frame 2. Police vehicles are approaching.

Frame 3. Police are blocking the whole road.

Frame 4. Police car lights are flashing. From a distance the gang watches this entire scene.

Page 30

Frame 1. Gang leader: “What now? What the heck is going on with these people?”

Frame 2. The gangsters look puzzled.

Frame 3. Gang leader: “Let’s wait and see what happens.”

Frame 4. Police Sergeant to Jude: “Move your truck or we will tow it.”

Page 31

Frame 1. Jude jumps on the back of the truck: “This is discrimination and harassment. This is unequal application of the law.”

Frame 2. Jude, Lou, Maurice and Wendy are on the back of the truck.

Frame 3. About 4 officers are jumping onto the pickup truck.

Frame 4. Wendy and Lou are grabbed by the police and escorted down.

Page 32

Frame 1. Maurice stands between Jude and the police. Maurice: “I’m not going to let you take my pastor. You will have to take me as well.”

Frame 2. With great force, the officers take Maurice from the back of the truck.

Frame 3. The police slam Maurice on the hood of the police cruiser.

Frame 4. Dawid is recording everything with a video camera on the public sidewalk.

Page 33

Frame 1. One officer looks at Dawid and says: “Let’s take him too.”

Frame 2. Dawid is slammed on the left side of the cruiser and handcuffed with his hands behind his back.

Frame 3. Close up on Dawid. His face is being smashed against the police car.

Frame 4. Jude is taken by two officers from the back of the truck.

Page 34

Frame 1. Big picture. Dawid is on the left side of the cruiser being held by an officer. Maurice is slammed flat on the hood of the police car (being held by 2 officers) and Jude is on the right side of the cruiser with his hands behind his back, also held by an officer. On the left is a line up of homeless people.

Frame 2. An officer is behind Jude. He is squeezing the handcuffs. There is anger on the police officer’s face.

Frame 3. A close up of Jude’s hands in handcuffs- click… click …click.

Frame 4. Dawid and Maurice are put inside the cruiser.

Page 35

Frame 1. Jude is taken to a different vehicle and paraded in front of hundreds of people (homeless, drug dealers and prostitutes)

Frame 2. The gang watches the whole scene.

Frame 3. One gang member says: “Look at this. The pigs hate them just as much as they hate us, man!” Another gangster: “I see that.”

Frame 4. Gang leader: “We are splitting. Let’s go.”

Page 36 Police station

Frame 1. Jude is in a room with one table and chair. He is sitting.

Frame 2. Maurice is in a separate room with one table and chair. He is sitting.

Frame 3. Dawid is in a separate room with one table and chair. He is sitting.

Frame 4. Jude is thinking to himself: “Well, now what? Let’s sing and preach.”

Page 37

Frame 1. Jude is singing: “King of kings and Lord of lords, glory Hallelujah King of kings and Lord of lords, glory Hallelujah!”

Frame 2. An echo goes all through the jail: “Kiiing ooof kkkkiings annd Lorrd of Loords.”

Frame 3. In other cells, Dawid and Maurice are singing as well: “Jesus, the Prince of Peace, glory hallelujah!”

Frame 4. Jude is sitting in his cell very comfortably. His hands are behind his head and his feet are up. He is enjoying himself.

Page 38 Suddenly

Frame 1. Doors open and a police officer comes in saying: “You’re not allowed to sing here. You are not allowed to preach here!!!”

Frame 2. Jude says to the officer: “It is you who invited us in. We are simply continuing the church service you had taken us from. “

Frame 3. The police officer slams the door angrily as he leaves.

Frame 4. Jude goes back to singing: “I have decided to follow Jesus, I have decided to follow Jesus, I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back, no turning back. The cross before me, the world behind me

No turning back, No turning back.”

Page 39 -Ten minutes later.

Frame 1. Another officer comes to Jude’s cell: “You are disturbing the entire place. We cannot work here.”

Frame 2. Jude just keeps singing: “No one goes with me Still I will follow.

No turning back, no turning back.”

Frame 3. Officer opening Maurice’s cell: “Stop that immediately!”

Maurice: “You are not my father. God is my Father.”

Frame 4. The Police officer slams the door with Maurice singing: “I have decided to follow Jesus…”

Page 40

Frame 1. The same officer to Dawid: “Be quiet here. This is a jail.”

Frame 2. Dawid to the officer: “Instead of catching criminals, you are persecuting Christians. One day you will give an account for this.”

Frame 3. The officer slams the door angrily.

Frame 4. Jude’s cell few minutes later. A third officer opens the door with documents in his hands.

Page 41

Frame 1. Officer to Jude: “O.K., we want you out!”

Frame 2. Jude to officer: “Wait a second. What about my brothers?”

Frame 3. Officer to Jude: “Just sign the documents and go!”

Frame 4. Jude to officer: ”I am not signing anything unless you let us all go!”

Page 42

Frame 1. Officer to Jude: “Fine! You can all go.”

Frame 2. Jude: “O.K.”

Frame 3. The police return all belongings to Jude, Dawid and Maurice.

Page 43- Ten minutes later.

Frame 1. Jude, Dawid and Maurice are walking on the streets.

Frame 2. In a car, Azmy pulls over next to Jude, Dawid and Maurice.

Frame 3. Azmy yells through the open window: “Jump in you bunch of criminals.”

Frame 4. Azmy: “How was it, beloved?”

Page 44

Frame 1. Dawid to Azmy: “It was awesome. The whole jail was blessed.”

Frame 2. A few days later, Jude is preaching in front of City Hall.

Frame 3. Jude: “Jesus Christ said that we will be persecuted and hated because of His righteousness. But no matter what happens, remember that greater is the He who is for us than he who is against us.”

Frame 4. Jude notices a man in plain clothing. He says to himself: “Wait a second. That is the same officer that was in charge during our arrest.”

Page 45

Frame 1. The officer is trying to blend in by pretending to be a homeless man.

Frame 2. Jude continues: “God wants to raise you up. He will take you from the ashes and will place you with His princes, among His children. Come to Him. Humble yourself and live.”

Frame 3. The Undercover officer is listening very intently.

Frame 4. New day. Jude is praying with a homeless man

Page 46

Frame 1. Dawid is preaching:” God has a plan for your life. He loves you.”

Frame 2. Monty, with a cowboy hat on, is BBQ giving out burgers.

Frame 3. The same undercover officer is observing the Street Church event from a distance.

Frame 4. A gang leader with another man is headed straight toward Jude.

Page 47

Frame 1. Jude is thinking to himself: “Oh God, are they coming to kill me?”

Frame 2. The gang leader is extending his hand with a gangster type handshake.

Frame 3. A close up of Jude’s surprised face.

Frame 4. Gang leader to Jude: “Man we saw what the pigs did to you. We saw everything. They hate you dude, just like they hate us. You are one of us man. See ya around.”

Page 48

Frame 1. Jude looks relieved.

Frame 2. The gang leader is walking away.

Frame 3. Jude: “Praise God. He is the only one who can turn an enemy into a friend. “

Frame 4. Christmas Eve. A police van drives onto the sidewalk next to City Hall.

Page 49

Frame 1. Jude approaches the police vehicle.

Frame 2. The same arresting officer extends his hand to Jude: “I have been observing you for months. If I would have know then what I know now about you and the work you do, I would have never arrested you.”

Frame 3. Jude to officer: “Thank you, sir. We are just here to serve the needs of the poor and to bring hope.”

Frame 4. Officer to Jude: “With all my heart, I believe that you guys are the only ones who get at the root of the problem of homelessness.”

Page 50

Frame 1. His partner, a woman, is nodding her head in agreement.

Frame 2. The officer continues: “I thank you for what you are doing. Keep up the good work.”

Frame 3. The van drives away.

Frame 4. Street Church volunteers and Jude are rejoicing.

Page 51 The office of a politician.

Frame 1. An angry man in a suit is talking to another man: “Why is this not working?? Why is it that no matter what we do, they somehow get away?”

Frame 2. Another man replies: “We will get them next time. We will find something.”

Frame 3. Jude and Maurice were never criminally convicted of any charges. Dawid was unjustly arrested due to the fact that he was recording the behaviour of the officers. Even though Dawid’s arrest was unwarranted, Dawid choose not to press charges against the police officers.

To Be Continued

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