May 24, 2024

We had an awesome time at the Prime Minister’s barbeque.

My wife, Marzena, and I went to the Prime Minister’s barbeque with Bogdan Stobiecki and my brother Dawid Pawlowski.

The barbeque began at 6 pm with cocktails, during that time we had a lot of opportunities to discuss different matters facing our country. After an official welcoming of all of the dignitaries, Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivered a speech. He reminded all of us that we have a lot to be proud of with regards to Canada’s wonderful heritage and history. He noted that it is good to remember that even though at times Canada may face difficult moments, as in the invasion from the USA 200 years ago, we are now and were then able to prove that we can make a victorious stand for our country. Later on, the PM thanked our troops for their commitment and their professionalism saying, “Canadian soldiers are the best soldiers in the world”. He then received a standing ovation.

Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada

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What strikes me the most about Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen is that they are very normal and down to earth people. Prestige and position has not messed them up completely like it has other individuals with this kind of authority and spotlight. There is still a noticeable humbleness about them and I just pray that they will stay this way. We have to understand that true authority and real power comes not with a position that man can give (you may lose that at any moment) but from aligning yourself with the will of God. True power according to Scripture comes from God. “If God is for us, then who can be against us?”

The food, like always, was great. We were treated to the best beef in the world, Alberta Beef :-). There is always something special that happens when people eat together. It seems that sitting at the same table in a more relaxed atmosphere opens many hearts for honest conversation. During the four hours that we were there, we had countless opportunities to impact many lives for now and for eternity.

Artur and Marzena Pawlowski

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Every time we meet with different Politicians God always gives us opportunities to sow the seeds of righteousness into their lives, but this time it was exceptional.

Artur Pawlowski with Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada

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I had a great talk with Stephen Harper and was able to tell him about our troubles with the city Aldermen who constantly implement unconstitutional laws even though the courts have ruled a number of times that the laws have “no force and effect.” I shared with our PM our stance on defending our rights and freedoms. I had a number of opportunities to chat with him before, but this time I believe it was the best conversation ever as Mr Harper was very interested and receptive. Bogdan Stobiecki also had a very interesting conversation with the PM asking what he was going to do about the unfinished ‘marriage debate’.

We also had opportunities to speak with the Alberta Deputy Premier Tom Lukaszuk. It turns out that he comes from Poland, and speaks fluent Polish which made for a very pleasant conversation in our native language. It turned out that he knew about our challenges and I believe that this was not the last of our interactions.

Marzena Pawlowski with Laureen Harper, Canada’s First Lady

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Artur Pawlowski with Laureen Harper, Canada’s First Lady

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There was a funny anecdote that happened during this evening. When I was speaking with Laureen Harper, our First Lady, she said that I looked like a banker. Later on when I was speaking with the Tony Clement Minister of Treasury, I told him about Mrs. Harper’s remarks and laughingly I said that I have one small problem: I may look like a banker, but I have no money. He replied that I would have to rob a bank. I responded that I cannot do that because I am a Pastor. Then he looked at me, shook my hand and said that I have the greatest treasure there is. Sometimes I don’t know who is impacted more during these encounters and conversations, but let me tell you that God can speak to any one at any time, and definitely during this evening He spoke to me through the mouth of the Minister. Even though at times we may face difficult moments in our lives, we truly have the greatest treasure that there ever was, is, or ever will be – Jesus Christ! Let us never lose this truth.

Bogdan Stobiecki and Dawid Pawlowski

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We had conversations with different politicians like Jason Kenney Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Rick McIver Transportation Minister, and many more. Truly as ambassadors of the King of kings and Lord of lords God places us in a position to bring light and salt to represent His kingdom’s righteousness.

I always stand in awe at what my God is doing in our personal lives, in ministry and all around us. Our God is the God of the impossible! It seems that where there is greater opposition towards His Son, Jesus, He elevates His Ambassadors and places them in the middle of great victories.

According to the Scripture we go from one glory to another and from one victory to another. This evening was truly a great victory!

Dawid Pawlowski with Prime Minister Stephen Harper

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Artur Pawlowski with Jason Kenney Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism

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Artur and Marzena Pawlowski

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Bogdan Stobiecki and Dawid Pawlowski

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