July 20, 2024

Count it All for Joy

Prophesies and Visions

God is fulfilling many of His promises to us individually and to the ministry. Just recently we had Rheal Revist with us, a prophet from Quebec, which was a true blessing. This man was truly sent by God to encourage and strengthen us through the words imparted to him and through him from the throne of Grace. Rheal had a visitation from the angel Gabriel who had walked the streets of Calgary and came with a message for the city of Calgary. You can hear the entire message on our website at http://streetchurch.ca/index.php/20081004256/Street-Church-Videos/Evangelism-in-Action/Rheal-Rivest-Calgary.html.

When you hear the heart of God, as it was conveyed through the angel, you will get a sense for the warnings of things to come, and you can’t help but to cling to God and His promises even more. From one side it is extremely sad what people will have to suffer due to the unwillingness of men to submit to their creator God. But on the other hand, we know that through hardship men are more eager to call upon the name of the Lord for salvation, and ultimately this is the heart of God, that none shall perish but that all would have everlasting life. Don’t get me wrong physical lives are important as well (by His stripes we are healed), He also says – I want to bless you, keep you, and prosper you, even as your soul prospers, but heaven or hell is at stake. God places far more importance on our eternal salvation than on bodily concerns.

If you are interested in more prophesies for all of North America, we have posted Rheal’s visions that he received in 1972 about, for example, abortion, AIDS, homosexuality, wars, tsunamis, floods, and many other things that have yet to occur. Watch his telecast (part 1 & 2) – prophecies about Canada, on our website.

Just to let you know about this man. He prophesied to us on many different occasions for the past few years, about things to come, and everything this man said, has come to pass. Sometimes literally, from one day to the next. So we know and we have tested that this is a true servant of God that hears from the Lord. We want to encourage you to watch those three segments as they will both bless you and spur you forward in the faith, and hopefully cause you to act.

What’s Happening in the Ministry

On the streets of Calgary, we have found something really encouraging. On Wednesday’s and Sunday’s at City Hall, we had the opportunity to share the message of hope with many muslims and hindus. They are truly hungry, not merely for “religion” which they know is fruitless, but true relationship with Almighty God. When we share love with them, we see their eyes opening. It looks like, suddenly it’s clicking in their own hearts – “YES! there is a God who loves me.” We just cannot tell you how happy we are that God would put us in the middle of the city, at the gate, so we would share with those countless souls from every country, background, colour of skin, and financial status.

I don’t think that there is any city official, from the mayor to the bureaucrats, that has not heard or seen about this mighty Jesus, that died, on the cross, for them. What better place would there be to impact those peoples lives with hope, love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness, then to actually be where they already are. Salvations have been coming every week, and God IS still faithful when we are faithful to His commandments. He says go and I will bless, and in this ministry, that He gave us, we see this on a daily basis.

We also see a huge change in the lives of street people. When we preach under the bridge, which is the most dangerous place in this city, on many occasions, when someone started giving us trouble, we have seen drug dealers speaking out for us and defending us, not because we speak in favour of them, but despite the fact that we preach against their lifestyle, against drugs, violence, prostitution, etc. They see that we are different, that we walk the talk and that what we bring is not just mere words, but pure love that is not ours but comes from the heart of Jesus, to the glory of the Father. They see that even though we are constantly persecuted and dragged before courts, our message does not change – no matter what you have done, Jesus can turn your life around.

What is the Cost?

As our brothers and sisters you have the right to know that we have been abandoned by pretty much every supporter we have had in the past. We do have many knew followers who attend many of our meetings from the city of Calgary, but they don’t seem to be very friendly yet. We pray for them constantly, believing that love is stronger than hatred, and the truth of Jesus Christ has the power to set any captive free.

This is not a great time to be lacking supporters since we are at the height of the battle, facing court appearances without legal representation, and without funding to acquire it. Yes, you are reading this right, our lawyers have left in the middle of the battle, and this after telling us that they would stay with us all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. At the end of the day, every man is accountable before God for either keeping or breaking his word. But as for us, we leave them in the hands of God.

I was asked to come to their office where the top lawyer shared with me his views on our case. What he said was this, “We can no longer represent you, since the politicians in this city are against you, including the mayor, and his bureaucrats. The media are against you, church leaders are against you, you have no money, and no support from anyone. Also, the premier along with his attorney general are now coming against you. There is no way we can win against all of those people.” Praise God.

As for the ones who left us, be mindful of what it says in the word, Judges 7:2-3 – The Lord said to Gideon, “you have too many men for me… anyone who trembles with fear, may turn back and leave.” For this battle, God wants the glory for himself. Personally, I would love to see 32,000 soldiers for Christ, like Gideon’s men, to fight for Jesus, for the gospel, and for our freedom, but God says, “then you will say you did it.” So now we know, that whatever happens with us, all the glory and honour and praise will go to the King of kings and Lord of lords. When it comes to the quote from our ex-lawyer, “you are alone, and all are against you.” That reminds me of the story from 1967, when all unified Arabic countries surrounded Israel and by human standards, they had absolutely no chance. Against all odds, Israel, by the grace and power of God, won.

Three people were instrumental to Israel’s victory in the war, the mother of President Richard Nixon, President Nixon himself, all to often remembered for his involvement in the Watergate scandal, and Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel. Israel was facing certain defeat, hugely out gunned by the enemy. Golda Meir called the United States asking for arms to defend her country, and the government of the United States denied her request and Henry Kissinger was quoted as saying, “Let them bleed a little.” Without help Israel would not survive. Golda Meir, was desperate and so she picked up the phone and called the private line of US President Nixon at 3:00 am. When President Nixon took her call in the middle of the night he heard her voice and her saying, “Mr. president, if you don’t help us, the Jewish people will never survive.” President Nixon said that at that moment, he could hear his mother’s voice and remembered how she used to tell him stories from the old testament, about the heroes of the Bible. One afternoon his mother had told him “Richard, one day you are going to be in a position to help the Jewish people and when that day comes you must do everything in your power.” He said at that moment he realized, maybe for the first time in his presidency, why he had become president of the United States. Nixon granted the largest airlift of armament since WWII. Israel received everything that Golda Meir had requested from vehicles, to tanks, to ammunition to operate them. The president kept his word, and because of his willingness to be moved with compassion, he became a tool of the Lord to save Israel. Many military experts credit that response, to her request, as the single most important act that saved Israel from destruction. Are you perhaps being called upon by God to come to our defence, to be a tool of the Lord in aiding us in our delivery? Perhaps you are in the position to help. Are you the Golda Meir, the president, or the mother of the president in this situation, and will you take up the charge to act?

As I shared with this man, I want to share with you, that perhaps for such a time as this, God raised us up to stand firm, without compromise, to speak life and freedom into the hearts of men, that otherwise would not hear it (judges, courts, politicians, lawyers, clerks, security guards, etc). This man refused, what about you?

I will remind you what God spoke years before, that “the ones that will stay until the end will see the glory of the Lord.” Did He quit half way to the cross? No, he was faithful until the end. Today, it’s true we are standing against all odds, surrounded from every angle, without legal representation, without funds to even hire legal representation, but we know that God will be our judge, Jesus will be our defender, and the Holy Spirit will provide wisdom and faith for the hour.

In the past few months we stood before judges, like common criminals, but faith is the substance of the things that we do not see and evidence of things hoped for. We put our faith not in frail men, but in the living God, the only truly faithful one, that He will move heaven and earth to defend His children, who are called according to His name, for His works of righteousness.

As for you, those that persecute us for standing for Christ and for the poor (City of Calgary is number one in monitoring our website based on our web statistics), know this – Jesus loves you and died for you, rose again, and you can have a part in His resurrection and we forgive you, but we ask that you would come into alignment with the will of God and stop the persecution.

Regardless, God is victorious and to Him be all glory and honour and praise, forever and ever. In the end God will have His final say.


Blessings to you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,

Artur Pawlowski on behalf of Street Church Ministries

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