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Jesus Week – Day Seven

Friday, July/04/2014

The festival tent is set up in the middle of a clearing in the the Ronald Reagan Park. Curiosity drew passers-by inside. There are groups playing and people speaking. Yesterday it was the Holyguns band. Today it’s the group Ahead of Us. Both are musical treats. They sing their own lyrics, flowing straight from their hearts. The musicians are genuine and encompassed in the reality of God. Their passion is contagious. During the concert there is also opportunity to listen to testimonies and see some skits, illustrating what Jesus Christ has done for men. It’s all deeply moving.

People strolling in the park are wearing nice clothes and riding expensive bikes. It seems as if they had everything together in their lives. They are smiling. But when they listen to the words of anointed songs, testimonies and to the Word of God, they start to reflect on life. They come up to us and ask for prayer. We find out that most of these people are like biblical sheep without a shepherd. They have their fair share of misery in life, they are overwhelmed, afraid, they don’t know how to handle their problems and they don’t know where they could look for help. We pray together. We can see the Spirit moving. Three people give their lives to Christ. We believe that in the spiritual realm this act opens their life up to God and is the starting point for changes in their lives (Revelation 3:20). Three people that we have prayed for a few days ago come up to us and tell us about what has already changed. We give glory to God.

An elderly gentleman: Please pray for my wife, she is in hospital. She is very ill.

Danka: When I was younger, I was close to God. Then I started living my own way. Life hasn’t treated me well. I’d like to come back to God, but I don’t know how. Please pray for me.

Elderly lady: My husband’s got cancer. My son’s got cancer. My son-in-law’s got cancer. My results aren’t good either. I was afraid to ask for prayer, but now I’ve got hope again.

Guy and a girl: Please pray for God’s blessing for us.

Young woman: My back’s broken. It’s really bad. I’m in serious pain. I’ve also got thyroid problems. (After a brief prayer the pain recedes and the woman makes some moves she was not able to do before. We give glory to God).

Young man: Because of what I have seen here, I started praying for people again and I can see God moving. I’m happy again.

Girl: I’m a believer, but I suffer depression. Please pray for me.

Mrs. Maria: I’ve had some problems with my throat for many months now. Antibiotics aren’t working. Please pray for me. (After a short prayer the pain stops).

Mrs. Lucyna: My husband decided to trust this person and he got himself into debts. That has really affected our relationship. Please pray for our marriage.

Many, many more people asked for prayer.

We tell every person about who Jesus Christ is, why He came into this world and what He wanst to offer us. We give them a Bible. We give them some guidelines about living with God and we invite them to church.

It seems that spiritually this was the most profound day of the week so far. The myth about Polish people not being open to the gospel was officially busted. People are cautious in fear of being hurt by others, but they are open to Jesus Christ. He gives them a sense of security and it is obvious He is present in this place today.

Maciej Strzyżewski

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