May 18, 2024

We are so exited

We are so exited about prayer and worship meetings at City Hall on Tuesdays . Tomorrow, 28 feb. 2012 we are all going to have another opportunity to ask our wonderful God for His mercy over our city. For the past few months a group of volunteers from different churches and surrounding areas come together during this exciting time with a message of salvation, love and hope.

In the city of Calgary according to statistics 25 % of population is living on antidepressants. We have reached a time when a message of Gods deliverance is needed more than ever before. We in the name of Jesus Christ, possess in our hands the very cure that this World needs. So come and give what God has entrusted to you!

Pictures from 21 February, 2012

IMG 5678

IMG 5680

IMG 5692

IMG 5698

IMG 5704

IMG 5709

IMG 5713

IMG 5720

IMG 5725

IMG 5734

IMG 5733

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