July 20, 2024

The Places Of Higher Authority

THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS Revealed During Prayer Meeting At Calgary City Hall

The “Highways” We Are To Preach In

The Places Of Higher Authority On Earth; JESUS Is Searching And Blessing And Convicting All Hearts In All Places

On Tuesday September 24 at 12:30PM we met and prayed inside Calgary City Hall. During the prayer meeting we had the privilege to pray for the mayor and city officials and asked Jesus to grant them His Spirit so that they can receive His love demonstrated by His sacrifice on the cross. We did this in order that the leaders of our City would stand for truth in representing all of the citizens of Calgary equally and without favouritism. We asked Jesus for His mercy over the city of Calgary. We pleaded with God like Abraham did for Sodom and Gomorrah, in that if He finds ten righteous people in the city that He would not destroy it.

We had people praying from Guatemala, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Poland, Canada, and Vietnam. Young and old were united together with one purpose: To pray that the will of God be done over the city of Calgary and this land, given to us by Jesus whom we all love so much.

Prayer-City Hall-Sep.24-20131

Prayer-City Hall-Sep.24-20132

Prayer-City Hall-Sep.24-20133

Prayer-City Hall-Sep.24-20135

Prayer-City Hall-Sep.24-20136

Prayer-City Hall-Sep.24-20137

Prayer-City Hall-Sep.24-20138

Prayer-City Hall-Sep.24-201310

Prayer-City Hall-Sep.24-201311

Prayer-City Hall-Sep.24-201312

Prayer-City Hall-Sep.24-201313

Prayer-City Hall-Sep.24-20134

Prayer-City Hall-Sep.24-20139

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