June 25, 2024

The stupidity of the devil;

Did you ever notice that when you are a child of God under the umbrella of the Almighty’s favour, the devil tries every possible means to harassed you, attack you, discourage you or just simply steal from you. You see we have to understand the devil hates God and His creation especially. He despises people because we are made in Gods own image. When he looks at you, he sees God in you so he just can’t help but to rage with all that he is. We know he is a liar, deceiver and a murderer from the beginning. Let me tell you, without Gods protection we don’t stand a chance against the devils devices. With God on the other hand, the devil is under our feet. This is what I love about our Father, He never leaves us without the answer to our problems.

When you walk, how often do you look underneath your shoes? Probably never. You are not focused on the dust and the dirt beneath your feet. You just walk from one place to another without even thinking that sometimes perhaps you might step on a bug. This never concerns you and rightfully so. In this same way God gives us power to walk upon the devil and his schemes through the blood of Jesus, our repentance and life’s confession. We live and walk with an understanding that Jesus is not only our Savior but also Lord over our lives.

Although, there is one time when you can’t help but look underneath your feet due to the stench, only to discover that you have stepped in poop. What do you do? You can’t ignore it you have to wash it off and carry on.

A similar situation happened to us. Some time ago in the middle of a Street Church service someone stoled our sign the blue one that said “Jesus is King” Can you believe this? What do you do? Well the same thing you do when you have poop on your shoe, you wiped off, move on and in return God repays with an extra blessing.You see the devil had his plan to remove the name of Jesus from the services but in return God slapped the devil in the face and gave us three signs that are way more beautiful and distinct then the stolen ones. Now we can display different messages with the name of Jesus through out the week.

A few months later the devil got so ticked off that he provoked someone to steal our old rugged cross. I know it’s hard to believe but it happened. It was old broken and patched with glue. I believe that God was looking down from heaven and saw our old sign and broken cross and used the devil (like a tool) to bless us with a brand new cross and signs.

You see in life you have to walk by faith no matter what is thrown at you, whether you step on something or not, intentionally or un intentionally you have to keep going. It changes nothing. You wipe it off, move forward, give glory to the living God and in return he places the devil beneath your feet and rewards you with something far more beautiful and blessed then before.

I came to the conclusion that the devil is just plain stupid. First of all because he dares to oppose God and His work. And secondly because if he would just leave us alone with our “old sign and cross “(whatever the “old “in our life’s might be) we would never be able to require and receive the “new and better” more beautiful and blessed rewards. Also those situations are increasing our faith and teaches us to walk in faithfulness with assurance that God is with us in every area of our lives. The truth is that God is using the devil and his schemes for His own Glory, which in turn makes the devil look like a fool.

Keep it in mind that no matter what happens around you, God is always in control.

Here are the pictures of our old blue sign and cross that was stollen and pictures of our new signs and the cross.

2009 Rodzina Street Church 087

IMG 4313

IMG 4332

IMG 7943

IMG 8214

IMG 9226

IMG 9218

IMG 8340

IMG 3263

IMG 7982

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