May 24, 2024

Testimonies !!!

I just HAVE to tell you something. I was helping Susan (your friend) and Netty (not sure how to spell name), with giving out clothes to people there. Anyway, I saw this guy leaning on back of Arts truck, I didn’t know him from Adam, and you know what I mean.  All of a sudden I walked over to him and said “is your name Peter?" He said yes, and then I asked him if he was about a 36 inch waist he said yes. Then I handed him a brand new pair of jeans. He looked at them and back at me in amazement, I sat and talked with him for a few minutes, then all of a sudden he was in tears he couldn’t believe someone did this for him. Then he grabs my hand and was in total tears by now, and then he hugs me again. When he let go , I told him I was out here on streets just 2yrs ago myself, and if it wasn’t for the help of Street Church, and coming to know the lord I would still be that lost soul also. Anyway, I walked away and felt so awesome from what I just experienced so I told Wendy about it , Brenda I can’t believe how I felt after this "IT WAS AWESOME"! .I felt like I was so high, but not on drugs, it was a great feeling. I thought Brian was going to tell me to shut up because the whole way back by bus I couldn’t quit talking about this. Anyway, I tried phoning you to tell you, but you didn’t answer so that is why I am sending you this now. I talked to Wayne (Phil’s dad) about it and he said I just had a prophetic experience. Brenda, I am so high up right now about what happened that I really don’t think I will be sleeping. I have never had anything like this happen to me before.

Vivian Leask



My name is Nick Lee. I would like to introduce myself. I was born again by the blood of Jesus Christ in 1996 in Seoul, Korea. I emigrated to Calgary in 2001 and lived three years till 2004 and move to Toronto, and I got back to Calgary in April, 2007. Calgary sure has changed dramatically. It became much more dangerous place to live in certainly there are more homeless people. I have worked at a gas station near a homeless residence on Centre Street, and encountered many homeless. Whenever I observed their behaviours I was surprise the extent Satan holds their souls. Thought there is not the slightest hope for them. I met two men tonight which I first thought were homeless on Centre Street. However, I soon realized they were all born again and God’s belongings. I saw true peace, happiness, gratefulness, hope, love, appreciation, reflection about their past. Their appreciation to Jesus was bigger than mine who have been Christian more than 20 years. They wanted pray for me from the bottom of their hearts. The first thing I did when I got back home was accessing to this web site. I never realized that Street Church existed. I saw how Satan fearfully attacks this fellowship by the weapon of city’s law and authority. I definitely want to contribute this fellowship as much as I can. Thank you so much for doing it for them. (God is certainly using you guys right now to rescue these people’s soul) Don’t forget God and Holy Spirit are with all of you, he will protect you from this world’s hatred, please never give up. I am going to attend the meeting soon, I would like to know how many people are usually coming for each event, how many of them have saved, what you guy need right at this moment, that i can be a little help. Thank you again. I thank God and Jesus once again.

Nick Lee

Dear Rev. Artur Pawlowski,


Christian greetings in the mighty name of Jesus our Lord and saviour.  Maybe you feel surprise why I know you and your ministry. I found you and your ministry in the Internet; there I found your own website. I am also glad to be able to contact you and your ministry. Rev. Pawlowski, can you also extend your ministry here in my country the Philippines, by conducting a pastor’s church leader’s conference and evangelistic crusade here in my city and the region. I believe that through your ministry, you can bless and encourage the pastor, church workers and even the churches here in my country. I do believe also that you have lots of spiritual truths that you could share and impart to the body of Christ here in the Philippines. I also believe that your ministry today is one of the instruments of God, who can bring healing and spiritual revival to the hearts of our people here and that our people also are hungry and thirsty of His word and in His presence. So, I am inviting you Rev. Artur Pawlowski to come to the Philippines, ministering the word of God to my church and the churches that are belong to my leadership and supervision. May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry.   I am looking forward to hear from you.
Your Co-Labourers,
Pastor Advento Philippines

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