May 20, 2024

Hotdogs, blame it on hotdogs!

Hotdogs, blame it on hotdogs! The good Lord Jesus and hotdogs. Maybe I should back up a bit and start from the beginning, you’ll understand then.


I was a drug addicted alcoholic, with no self esteem and anger management problems. I worked by day and wallowed in self pity and substances by night, hell bound for a train wreck! The circle of doom spinning tighter and tighter each day,until weeks became days and days became years,up was down,and down was out. The only escape was to numb myself,to not be me,to turn from the light


A friend of the Lord, then came into my life,"beerbottle Bill" picked me up off my ass LITERALLY and took me to his humble home, fed me hotdogs and coffee,we discussed scripture and I went on my way.. I wandered about, with nowhere to call home,found myself in Calgary, the last year but a blur, no job, no home and a hang over that would kill ten. feeling all sick and sad inside and sorry for myself, I found myself on a street corner.


 A smiling face broke my misery, he said " I’m Monty, Jesus loves you,have a hotdog". He then introduced me to his friends, who he said would pray for me. Jack (john) Goodhall and his wife Daisy. We spent 4 hours praying ,discussing scripture and eating HOTDOGS. it was then that i came into the Lord. Moses wandered for 40 years and received manna from heaven. I wandered for only 4, so i guess hotdogs was to be my equivalent


I would be a liar if i said i was not blessed, each and every day the Lord shows his kindness and love, and every time I bite a hotdog, i remember, where it all started and where i was saved. hotdogs have never tasted better.


David Osiowy

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