May 22, 2024

What a wonderful time we had during New Years Eve!

Finishing off the year with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and starting a new one with The love of God.

There are many ways to spend New Years Eve. Some people decide to party, drink, and waste them selfs in this hyped up excitement. Others will spend this time at home with their family’s welcoming the new year with many hopes. People want to believe that the new year is going to be a better one then the last, lots of people are even making resolution to see that may come through. Un fortunately in many cases these resolution die out with in a month or too and are not kept.

In church’s around the world christians are also making promises to God. “Lord I will not live just for my self” “Jesus I will do Your will” Father God forgive me for not obeying you now I will be about Your Kingdom” “I promise I will fight for souls” etc.We as believers are commanded to go out and preach the gospel to all of creation. Deep inside our hearts we all know that it is the right thing to do. We understand that Jesus delights in obedience and He died for souls. He went, He preached, He feed, He healed because He loved those soul that were around Him. You see everything is about souls, from the beginning to the ends its all about souls. This is it, A Holy God wants to use a sinner saved by grace to fight for the life of another sinner that only through repentance he shall be saved, again by grace.

Street Church volunteers decided to end the year 2012 and to start a new one with this in mind. 6Pm a truck loaded with food, pastries, gospel tracks, videos and bibles went to the streets to celebrate New Years Eve with the poor. To our delight the place where we had decided to set up for our celebration was crowded with thousands of people that had came to welcome the year 2013 in Olympic Plaza. We fed hundreds of people non stop from 6pm to about 12:30am not only the homeless but others too came to reserve the blessings from the Lords table. Praise Jesus! What an opportunity to show Gods tangible love. By the end of the evening we were able to preach and share Jesus with thousands of people. There were salivations, convictions and countless people came to us with tears in their eyes thanking us for spending this time with them right there on the streets. What a testimony, a church that comes out and shares life and hope in a time where many do not have the hope and live to begin a new year. For example a man named Bernie was sitting on the bench miserable and bitter when we had arrived. 15 mins later after Netty had talked with him he was smiling and rejoicing and asked if he could volunteer for the evening. When we finished up at 1 in the morning Bernie was still cleaning up after the event and came to me and said “ you guys just made my day. I feel so much better, thank you.” Another man in the line up said “I was so hungry and knew that there was no place for me to eat after 8pm and as I was walking up the street I saw your signs. I am so thankful that you guys came tonight. Thank you and I really mean it, Thank you!” What a privilege to be able to be used by our merciful God.

We also used this opportunity to expose the corruption that is happening inside Calgary’s City Hall. As a church of Jesus Christ we are called to stand for righteousness, to be the voice for the voiceless. Because of the banners and signs that we brought we had many opportunities to let the public know how their elected politicians had taken away their rights. We had some people very interested and shocked at the corruption, lies and manipulation of the elected servants. Politicians who were wasting tax payers money on their privet vendetta against a peaceful church. The church has to be the light and the salt of world. What we see evil people doing in the darkness we have no choice but to expose it into the light. Jesus said the truth will set you free and this apply’s to every aspect of life.

What a wonderful time we had, I encourage you to use those countless opportunities around you to bring the love and truth and righteousness of Jesus Christ.

Bless you

Live today as though Christ will return tomorrow,

Artur Pawlowski

on behalf of Street Church Ministries


Video of the night


 New Years Eve in pictures

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