May 24, 2024

Statement Regarding Amplification Court Order

Earlier this week, a court issued an order impacting the ability of Street Church to communicate with the homeless, pending the trial in which the court will determine whether the City’s limitations on freedom of religion and freedom of expression are reasonable in a free and democratic society under Canada’s Constitution.

I have great respect for the courts and for the rule of law and I will be careful to follow the order as Street Church continues to serve those without adequate food or shelter in our community.

The court expects the City to work with me to identify a way in which Street Church may use amplified sound as we feed and clothe those in need.  I welcome this and pledge to cooperate with the City as we find a place at which we can best serve the homeless.

We will not rest until every homeless person has the opportunity to receive the necessities of life and the message of eternal life that Street Church brings to those without hope.

The City has 30 days to find a place with us for the homeless.  During the next four weeks, I will hold a vigil at City Hall to await an amplification permit for the Street Church.  I look forward to working with the City to identify a mutually acceptable location at which the Street Church may serve the homeless using amplified communication.

I thank the Court for recognizing the importance of the ministry to the homeless in which we are engaged.  We are just volunteers helping to fill the gap in the distribution of the benefits of living in this great City.  The reputation of this City and the quality of life in this City will be enhanced through a cooperative approach amongst City officials and all volunteers serving those in need.

I will commence my vigil at 11:00 o’clock in the morning on May 7th, 2008, in front of City Hall.

I have no comment about the legal proceedings as my lawyers prepare for the trial in which the actions of certain officials will be examined under the light of the Charter.  I trust that the court will uphold the right to freedom of expression and to freedom of religion that is guaranteed to every citizen, even the homeless and the hungry.

Artur Pawlowski

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