April 20, 2024

Life and Death is in the Tongue

Today at Street Church I ran into and spoke with many folks.  One young woman whom I spoke with was wearing a T-shirt with a large marijuana leaf on the front.

Being curious, I asked her if she liked marijuana.  She said no and I didn’t ask her any more about this subject.  I did go on to explain however how the enemy (Satan) uses drugs such as marijuana and alcohol, and the things of the world such as music and movies and television, to distract us from a relationship with God.

In fact, I told her that Satan the devil, the ruler of this world, really hates her guts and wishes to see her destroyed in hell.  I told her (and her friend who was starting to listen at this point) that the reason Satan hates her is because she is beautiful in the sight of God, created in His image, and that she has a created purpose to rule and reign with Christ for eternity.  But, I said to her, Satan will do everything within his power to prevent her from accepting Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour.

He wants nothing more but to see her sidetracked from her real created purpose and he will work tirelessly to deceive her into being destroyed in hell.

I went on to say that the price has been paid for her sins by Jesus on the cross.  In other words we are not condemned for our sins any longer, but if we choose to reject Jesus, the Son of God, the payment for our sins, then we are already condemned.

We have chosen our destiny.  This young woman heard me out for about 25 minutes and was so intrigued that she didn’t even look at her sandwich for this whole time.

When these young people hear the truth, perhaps for the first time in their lives, a spark is ignited within their hearts (Matt 13:8).  Perhaps for the first time they begin to grasp the concept of the Truth, that His name is Jesus, and that He is real and that He really does love them with a great and an eternal love.


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