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Jesus Week – Day Five

Wednesday, July/02/2014

Today we went to Gdynia, to visit Piotr Stępniak’s ministry team – a group called God’s Gang of Ex-Bandits. Three men, each one with an impressive rap sheet, spoke about what Jesus Christ has done in their lives. They shared stories, preached the Word of God, sang songs. For many years everybody who tried to help them failed – the police, councellors, psychologists. But Jesus gave them the help they needed, speaking into their hearts and winning them for Himself. Their testimonies were very honest and touching.

Then we caught up with the Hiking Camp Mission. Yesterday they set up camp in a poor district of Gdańsk. Today, they were ministering in a wealthy part of Sopot, close to the pier and the Sheraton Hotel.

The worship team started playing. People began to gather. There weren’t many. At some point pastor Jerzy Przeradowski started gently sharing about the invitation Jesus is giving every one of us. We didn’t know if anyone would respond, as people come to that part of town to have a good time, not to do soul-searching. When the pastor finished speaking, there was an applause and six people gave their hearts to Jesus, repeating the sinner’s prayer.

After that the team encouraged people who’ve got problems with osteoporosis, rheumathism, cancer, eye problems, headaches and back problems to come forward. A lot of passers-by responded to the invitation. Pastor Przeradowski explained what and why is about to happen. He spoke about the power and the love of God, who heals people and cares for them. Young people from the camp started praying and things began to happen. One after another, people raised their hands as a sign that they’ve been healed.

– What have you experienced? – the pastor asked.

– I had a backache and it just stopped – answered a woman.

– How did that happen?

– This girl laid her hand on me, prayed and the pain stopped.

– How is that possible?

– I don’t know.

– What happened is that Jesus healed you, because He loves you. He wants you to give your life to Him. He desires you to be happy.

*        *        *

– What happened to you, sir? – the pastor asked.

– This guy laid his hand on me and prayed. I felt something like an electric current run through me and the pain stopped.

– How is that possible?

– I don’t know. He’s got some kind of power.

– Actually, it was Jesus Christ who touched you and healed you, to show you that He has got power and authority. You can come to Him right now and give your life to Him and He will not stop leading you for the rest of your life. Would you like that?

Many people got healed that afternoon. Glory to the Highest God!

Maciej Strzyżewski

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