May 24, 2024

You’ve heard the rumors…

You’ve heard the rumors, you’ve heard the media reports… Now it’s time to put the record straight.. Now it’s time for the truth.

The amazing story of hope and perseverance in the face of trials, opposition and arrests captured the attention of renowned overseas movie director Tomasz Wiszniewski. Director Wiszniewski and his crew spent almost two weeks in Calgary filming the daily activities of Street Church and their volunteers.

They spent countless hours interviewing people from different fields about Street Church and its ministry.

The film also features never before released archive footage of the miraculous recovery of a boy named Nathaniel whom doctors labeled a “Star Baby” because they declared that he would not survive. Born with smashed lungs, a heart located on the opposite side, stomach and bowels in his upper chest, Nathaniel had all odds against him.

Also presented is a story of a successful businessman who left all of his wealth to dedicate his life to serve and defend the rights of the poor.

Watch the trailers:

Street Advocate-trailer2 from Artur Pawlowski on Vimeo.

Street Advocate-trailer3 from Artur Pawlowski on Vimeo.

Street Advocate-trailer 4 from Artur Pawlowski on Vimeo.

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