May 28, 2024

Jesus Week – Day Four

Tuesday, July/01/2014

Today we visited the Hiking Camp Mission, which set up camp in the playground of a primary school in a poor district of Gdansk. What we have witnessed there made our hearts jump for joy.

The Hiking Camp Mission is a collection of young people from all over Poland, who pay their own way, coming to one meeting place from which they set out and travel to many villages, towns and cities, boldly proclaiming the gospel and serving the local communities. Real things happen during that time. This has been taking place for 20 years now. The Camp is headed by pastor Jerzy Przeradowski from Kutno.

For many hours young people spread out in the neighborhood, inviting people to an afternoon meeting. Girls painted kids faces. The kids got some free balloons, so there was no space for boredom. During worship children danced with flags, naturally and with great joy.

Jerzy Przeradowski, like no other, is able to understand the mentality and emotional needs of the people of Poland. He knows how to address them. He doesn’t speak in a heated way, he shows no exaltation. His sharing is peaceful, warm, full of genuine caring and love for the people. That’s why so many come to him. He speaks about God, about His love and salvation in such a natural way that everybody accepts his words as a real piece of good news.

After a question abou health issues, 20 out of 200 participants came forward to receive prayer. The young people also prayed in a peaceful and considerate manner. Finally, the youth presented a touching skit about God’s redemption for people. That evening was a true spiritual feast.

Maciej Strzyzewski

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