July 20, 2024

Jesus Week – Day Three

Monday, June/30/2014

The highlight of the day was the New Life M concert in Sopot. The streets around the location were full of volunteers wearing red T-shirts which said “I’m not ashamed of Jesus”, inviting passers-by to the concert and telling them about Jesus.

Artur Pawłowski spoke from the stage, sharing the testimony of his life. After the testimony he made a call to the onlookers to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. About 20 people came forward. Sopot has been a holiday resort and entertainment center for decades, and one might think that this is no place to look for God. This event, however, proves that everywhere we can find people who have a desire deep inside to find peace in God’s presence.

The musicians performing this day are experienced artists. The played music, sang, told their stories. One might have expected to hear them boast of their achievements, but that wasn’t what they actually shared. They spoke about Jesus Christ. Piotr Jankowski, renown Polih jazz drummer, shared a most touching story about how he first met the Lord.

Around the stage a lot of people talked and prayed together. You could come across faces from popular Christian programs. It was an opportunity to get to know each other and establish new relationships. It was good to be there.

Maciej Strzyżewski

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