May 24, 2024

“I came to set fire to the earth”

All the Glory to The Lord Jesus Christ who came to bring division on the earth, The Lord who makes a distinction between His people and the people of Egypt.

Though God shows up at every location (salvations, testimonies, the presence of God), there is just something special about city hall, amid all the people, beliefs and the hustle and bustle of downtown, the manifested peace and joy overwhelms us and literally makes us feel at home. If you have the opportunity please join us Wednesdays.

The last few weeks have brought with them new attacks from city upon our brother Artur who seems to take the brunt of the attack from the city (let’s remember to hold our brother and His family up in prayer).

Now not only are they limited to the streets but now they are showing up in Artur’s home! Friday before last, Art’s son Nathaniel opened the door to find a bylaw and police officer waiting at the door tickets in hand. Thirteen tickets for our Christmas festivals (tickets and summons to appear in court for: gathering a crowd, feeding homeless, placing objects on the ground).

Intimidation in our brothers own home, tickets for a Christian assembly in our own city, fundamental rights which our Christian forefathers established upon Judeo-Christian values undermined by men who do not want their sins exposed.

Since that time we have received seven tickets for similar activities which are guaranteed under the charter. If that were not enough now the city has a new lawyer who has been called on the scene who is to interrogate Artur in hopes to gain legal ground. This attack of witchcraft will not prosper according to Matthew 10:19 “For it will not be you speaking but the Spirit of your Father speaking.”

Also the city is pushing for an injunction which means (if it were past) we would have a court order forbidding us to be in the park, use amplification, or feed the poor. The court date for the judge to decide whether or not to pass this injunction is on March 31. This is a call to pray! March 31 is when the court decides if street church goes to jail for preaching the gospel!

God is awesome! Gospel for Poland did a story about Street Church which has been submitted to a competition with the leading national Polish radio broadcasters. Praise God, what an awesome opportunity to share Christ.

This year has also shown the physical hunger of the street people. The food we have been distributing has almost doubled since last year. More people and more empty stomachs. Please pray for God’s supply of meat and other essentials.

Street Church is also involved in shipping a container of medical supplies and children’s clothing to Africa. If anyone is led to participate by donating children’s goods or medical supplies it is welcome.

Also a prayer request from the Spirit to pray for our sister Tammy in BC.

Sanjay is leaving this Saturday for Fiji where He will spend three months ministering the gospel.

This is not a time to be silent it is a time to weep between the porch and the alter ; it’s a time to cry out to God to see His Kingdom manifest on the earth (this is why we were born).

Louis Formaz-Preston

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