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The Word of the Lord, Dec 26th, 2006

The Word of the Lord, Dec 26th, 2006

Says the Lord your God, “The days of my vengeance has come against the sins of my people. My arms have been stretched out for over 2000 years and now my great anger has come. I shall judge all the nations that are forsaking My Ways, for My Ways are Holy, but you have walked away from them. As for Israel; they shall see my glory and power again, they shall no longer be a laughing stock of the nations, and it will be a day as never before my rod will break the nations of a stiff neck.

My life was given to my people in ransom for those that come to me, and I have not rejected them in any way. But I am tired of the backbiting, the strife and debating, the striking with the fist of wickedness, and the yoke of pointing the finger. It is my Bride no in judgment. I am judging her now; she must come to me without spot or wrinkle. It is then that my great anger will come upon the world. O I cry over North America, that I try to bring her under My wing. But she would not obey My Words. In this she shall be judged in the day of my anger.

O my people! Resist not the chastening of the Lord; do not stiffen your neck for I have prepared you a place of safety. I AM removing the junk that has been kept under the rug. I AM cleaning My temple I AM laying the axe to all the roots, cutting it down and throwing it into the fire. Winnowing, fanning out the Spirit of man, shoveling what displeases me. The Lord your God.”

Thus says the Lord you God, “You have gambled with my altar, you have forecast money for blessings, you have prophesied from your heart and desire in my name. You have made declarations that are not from me and in this reason I am revealing my justice.”

This is what the Lord says to the Church, “Repent says the Lord your God. I am wiling to forgive your sins. Your hypocrisy has always been before My eyes. Your drunkenness and your immorality have been as a dog vomiting. And as some have said it is okay, and as some have said that I am also okay with your homosexual performances, I AM surely not!” Says the Lord.

Some have even said that I was also that way, while others said I fell for Mary Magdalene.

I am a Holy God. There is no sin in Me. Would I come to this world to take away sins and live in its demonic corruptions? O men of corrupt degraded minds! You have filled my cup with anger; you have aborted millions of babies through abortions and say it is scientifically okay. It is an abomination say the Lord, there will be retribution of what you have done on My judgment day. You have defiled the very core of this generation through your movies. You have lost your morality, you have become a brute beast without intelligence. You say you are wise but you are fools. Like wise you have said you are kind but you rob the poor. You have promised good things but you never kept your word. I the Lord will not lie. My Words will come to pass. I Am about to bring you my promise. For the day of My judgment is at hand and if you don’t turn away from your Wicked ways and repent, You will see My Word come to pass against you. However, if you repent I will bless you in all your ways.

Now says the Lord, “My very heart was grieved by the things you have done to my children. You have poured into them false teachings. You have spoken of other gods that they are to worship them, the same gods that have no ears to hear your prayers and eyes to see what you need. For truly I Am a jealous God and My praise are not to be given to another god. My arms are reaching to you and if you don’t repent North America, I will punish you for your sins. For the day of the Lord is at hand! Behold this is the day that false prophets cheat the earth and prophesied from their heart’s desires. But for my people it is the day as Joel has prophesied with signs and wonders they will have their victory. For it is the good and terrible day of the Lord together, to bring a people in holiness.

There will be times of reviling my people, taking them away from their sins. With strong rebuke I will speak to their hearts. But for now it’s the time of great sorrow, the great and the bad together among my people. Can you see the signs of the time? You can not desert the wars around the world, Canada and the USA will not escape what is coming. There will be an invasion against you by nations that have been waiting for the proper time to see to destroy you. There will also be many in those days if you will repent and live by my word, who will have mercy and try to deliver you from the destruction of those days.

Now my arms are reaching out. I AM speaking to you through my words and prophets. As I saw Sodom and Gomorrah I see you , now, return to me! With all your heart come to the river of My Living Water. Come and eat, My flesh and My blood will cleanse you from your sins. If you don’t , some of you great cities will burn and you will know that the Lord has done it. I am an unchangeable God I am Holy and my Words are Holy. My words are clean. Why have you defiled yourselves and My Words? O nations of the most north come back to me and change your ways before it is too late. FOR I AM bringing revival from the north to the south from the east and to the west ends of the earth. For I AM pouring out my spirit upon all flesh. I AM speaking to my people through dreams, with visions, with signs and wonders; I am reaching to the highest to the lowest and to the rich and the poor. For all have come short of the glory, of my presence But not of my grace. But soon the time of my grace will come to its end. Then there will be a time of fainting out of cooling down and the last revival will come.

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