May 28, 2024

Muslims on the rise in Calgary

Around the world we see anti-semitism on the rise, and unfortunately, it is no different here in Calgary.

Maybe you have seen it in the news over the past few months – Muslim communities were doing protests across our country in support of Palestine. They also did that in Calgary. I’m sure you have seen them about 100 or so Muslims asking for equality, for human rights, for peace et cetera. Because of Street Church’s location, we had the privilege of watching those protesters, not from the tinted biased glasses of mainstream reporters and their editors, but with our own eyes. What you have seen in the papers or on your TV screens was a demand for peace and respect, a very noble and justified request, I would have to admit. There is only one thing that troubles me with what you are seeing on TV and reading in the newspapers – it is not what is really taking place. Let me tell you a little story of those peaceful, loving, kind, and compassionate Muslims who came up to us during one of their protests.

For us at Street Church it was just a day like any other day. We set up the tables, put up our banners, flags and food. We fired up our BBQ and started to do what we always do, feed the hungry and lift up their spirits with the message of hope and salvation. We did notice that across the street from us was a group of people, a woman and man holding some type of vigil. Very quickly we realized that they were holding Palestinian flags with hundreds of lit candles in front of the old City Hall.

During the years we have seen many protests in front of City Hall. Usually, they mind their own business and they leave Street Church alone, but not Muslims. It was as if our very presence bothered them and I believe what added to the problem is that we support Israel with our public stand.

This is what happened that night. Just a few minutes after we started our distribution of food to the homeless, half a dozen Muslims came across the street to us, voicing their disapproval of us having an Israeli flag. In their mind they were perfectly justified that just because they have a protest that they can demand from us to remove our Israeli flag, due to the fact that it bothered them. Can you believe it? Monty started to take pictures just in case, setting more of the Muslims off. They started to yell that we had no right to take pictures and that we have to stop taking them or else… They were very vocal, one lady even grabbed Monty’s phone, forcing him to remove the pictures that he took. That was enough for me. I took my phone and started taking pictures myself. And then the same scenario happened, they jumped at me, demanding that I remove the pictures that I took. Believe it or not, they expected us to act like the rest of the population in Canada. They really believed that I would put my tail between my legs and run, intimated by their Muslim bullying tactics – that’s where they made a mistake. We are different; we were made to be lions not pussycats. Not only did I not remove my pictures, I took some more. This is my country; this is not Iran, where you kill Christians for fun when you’re bored at home from beating your wife. This is not Saudi Arabia where you would not dare to even mention Christianity. This is my Canada, my country, a nation build on the word of God, the only God, Jesus Christ.

We are a different kind of Canadians, we value our rights and freedoms, we cherish them and we will stand and protect them if need be. You have to understand that they think they are untouchable because their mayor is a Muslim himself and he openly persecutes Christians. This is the same mayor that ordered arrest of six Christians for singing and praying during Christmas.

Six arrested at Christmas

Christian Group arrested while spreading Christmas cheer at Calgary City Hall

There were a few things that were a big concern to a law-abiding citizen. First of all, the vigil was held illegally under the new by-law. The by-law states that no protest is allowed on the public sidewalk, no signs, no gathering, no fire, no attaching objects allowed, et cetera. But this group of people did all that, including climbing a tree and attaching their flag to it. Because we were already charged with this new by-law, facing a trial, I asked Sheldon to go with the camera and record the protests as evidence of discrimination (one group is allowed to do certain things and another is taken to court). Sheldon went to record it for our lawyers and as he was recording the behaviour of the Muslims, he himself got attacked. They demanded that he erase whatever he recorded or else. When I saw what was going on I decided to go with him again. We did record the footage we needed for the lawyers, only to face another bully, this time from a police officer who came out of nowhere, charging me and pushing me around. No questions, no investigation, remember, I was doing absolutely nothing that was illegal. I simply came to record a public manifestation of an unequal application of the law. The police officer was very rude and aggressive and within a few seconds, we were surrounded by a few more officers. And even then, 4 or 5 of the Muslim men tried to jump at me and beat me up with fists swinging. Thank God that the high-ranking officer had some wisdom and actually stopped them and asked questions about what was happening. You know, first you ask before you club a person because it may turn out that he is the victim, not the aggressor. Like in the old days, police officer are there to help and protect us not to harass and intimidate innocent people. After I had the chance to explain the situation that the Muslims came over to harass us, then the situation changed. I challenged the officers about this group of people who were in fact breaking the law, that this vigil was illegal according to the new by-law and that the banners, the fire, and the gathering was prohibited by this new law, that we were in fact charged already and are being dragged to the courts for the same offence.

We left the officers with the Muslims, to continue feeding the poor. From across the street we witness the double standards. No tickets, no courts, no harassment – after all, they are Muslims. They can break the law, they can intimidate and harass law-abiding citizens, they have Mayor Naheed Nenshi who protects them.

One thing is worth noting as we were walking away from those peaceful, loving people that wanted to tear us apart for simply having an Israeli flag -one of them, a young man, shouted “See you in 20 years!” We all know what he meant by this. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what is happening already in England and France – the entire streets are being blocked, there are areas where Sharia law is already implemented and normal people are not even allowed to enter those ghettos because they are run by a Sharia law made by men where there is no justice or rule of law, where it is their way or you are dead. Let’s not forget about what happened right next to us in our neighbouring Country, the USA. Dearborn, Michigan, is the first place where Sharia law seems to actually be enforced. Police watched as Muslims stoned and threw garbage at some Christian protesters. One Muslim even tried to run some of them over with his car. All because a group of Christians went to exercise their rights and freedoms. This is what they desire here and that’s why he said, “See in 20 years!” They will have enough power to be able to intimidate and bully anyone they want to get what they want. If you care about Canada and the future of your children, you should be concerned. If we as Canadians will not value our rights and freedoms and our way of life, then those bullies in a few years will change this amazing country and turn it into another Pakistan, they will make this land blessed by God into a miserable, pitiful wasteland where women are treated like animals with Sharia law that respects only bullies and dictators. The choice is yours. But I have not seen a country in this world that is run by those types of people where there is respect for human life and respect for the freedom of choice.

But you can say that what we are saying here is un-Canadian. But the truth is that those Muslims and their message is un-Canadian. We Canadians value family; we honour our women and stand up for our kids’ rights and their freedoms, and all of that without taking somebody else’s rights. What should worry us is not the fact that they were protesting – the beauty of democracy is that they have that right. It is not even that they chose to break a number of laws while they were doing the protest. What should really trouble every Canadian is that the police and the local politicians sided with those aggressors and the young man’s statement “See you in 20 years!” In other words, if we will not stand up for our values today, their will be no police and courts that will protect our rights tomorrow. It will be Sharia law and if you will not to submit to that wicked evil dictatorship you are dead.

Remember that Jesus Christ died for every man and we need to pray for all and our country like never before. May the real peace and real love fall on all of us so we may live peacefully in this land that we call Canada.

Let the words of our national anthem be our prayer for the sake of our sons and daughters.

O Canada! / Our home and native land! / True patriot love in all thy sons command. / With glowing hearts we see thee rise, / The True North strong and free! / From far and wide, / O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. / God keep our land glorious and free! / O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. /

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!







Street Church supports Israel according to the word of God.

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“I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

Genesis 12:3

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