July 20, 2024

Jesus Week – Day One

For the first time ever in Poland we had a great privilege to organize a “Jesus Week”. A week (exactly eight days) of over a hundred evangelistic events including worship bands, people sharing their testimonies and preaching the gospel. About twenty five churches took part in this amazing harvest.

The end result: thousands of people had heard the gospel and hundreds were healed. We are going to bring you some of the stories and show you what happened there, day by day.

Enjoy the reports and be blessed.

Jesus Week – Day One

Saturday, June/28/2014

Day One02The long awaited Jesus Week has been inaugurated on Saturday in the European Council Park in Gdynia, Poland. This is truly a tremendous event, not only because of the fact that the Gospel is being proclaimed in the streets of the city, but even more because it marks victory over divisions among Christian brothers. The Jesus Week has been organized by 25 different evangelical congregations from the Tri-City area, demonstrating their determination to become one, not only in terms of logistics, but also as citizens of the Kingdom of God.

The first meeting was attended by around 2,500 people. Many of the participants arrived carrying in their hearts a deep longing for the presence of God in their lives. This longing was reflected in the numbers of people who came forward when pastor Artur Pawlowski gave a passionate appeal for people to give their hearts to God.

The highlight of the evening was the concert of a well known Polish rock-gospel choir TGD. The concert was excellent both in terms of artistic performance and spiritual appeal. The audience was impressed with the word shared by Piotr Płecha, bass guitarist of TGD and former member of legendary rock band Budka Suflera.

Sunday is going to be the first day of workshops, tent ministry, one-on-one meetings and public services in many locations in the three cities. Jadłodajnia will be stationed from Sunday through Thursday in Reagan’s Park in Gdańsk.

May Jesus be glorified!

Maciej Strzyżewski

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