June 17, 2024

Videos and TV Programs

March for Jesus

March for Jesus 2011 March for Jesus resurfaced in Canada in Calgary, AB when in 2010 Artur Pawlowski the lead pastor of Street Church Ministries International and Jim Blake National Chairman of Concerned Christians Canada Inc. teamed up with a solid core of non-denominational believers to restore the March for Jesus back to Canada, after 10 years of absence. The March in 2010 began with a gathering in Millennium Park (Calgary) with prayer and a chain cutting ceremony officiated by then Alderman Ric McIver and Mayor of Truro Nova Scotia Bill Mills. The march with some 4,000-5,000 attendees progressed through the historic core of downtown on Stephen Avenue Mall making a few stops along the way for prayer and edification including a historic stop in front of the home of the former Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute, run by evangelist, and later Alberta’s first Social Credit Premier William Aberhart, the march then continued and finished at Olympic Plaza.

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Evangelism in Action


Evangelism in Action (30 minute episodes) airing on the Miracle Channel Every Saturday at noon. In these episodes you will witness the book of Acts coming alive – casting out demons, signs and wonders, salvations right in front of your eyes, persecution, river baptisms, street preaching and worship, healings.  All in the name, that is above all names, the only name under heaven by which a man can be saved,  Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

  • Since 2009, our program has been broadcasting every Wednesday at 12:00pm GMT+1 time which is 4:00 am Calgary time and 8:00 am Thursday GMT+1 which is 12:00 am Calgary time (watch online for free www.visionheaven.com)
  • Through Vision Heaven’s satellite channel on Galaxy 25 and hotbird 6 (110 million satellite dishes)
  • Through the Internet with LIVE streaming satellite feed at http://www.visionheaven.com/
  • The channel reaches all of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Now more than ever the ministry is reaching a larger and larger audience and all that happens to and through the ministry is broadcast for all the world to see.  It is just like God said, “be faithful over a few things and I will give you more”.  He also said to us if you will lift up my name, and stay true to me, I will lift you up.

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Street Church Documentaries

dvd_fsm.jpg Documentaries of Street Church Ministries preaching the Good News, feeding the poor, river baptisms, salvations, testimonies, etc…

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Insight with Paul Arthur

paulArthur.jpg Paul Arthur, producer and host of IN SIGHT interviews Street Church members on the exchanges between the City of Calgary and Street Church. Paul is a veteran broadcaster, now in his 7th year with IN SIGHT. His experience also includes 9 years in secular radio and time as a freelance narrator of videos and commercials, something Paul still enjoys doing. Paul’s first stint as a TV talk show host came as a volunteer at a local cable TV station in Medicine Hat.

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