June 17, 2024

Stunning MassResistance Interview With Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski — Internationally Known Pastor Beaten and Imprisoned by Canadian Authorities

Arrested, fined, and jailed for speaking against government tyranny, and for “illegally” holding church services. Charged with violation of Canada’s infamous COVID restrictions and recent “emergency” acts. U.S. Senator and others express outrage against his treatment. A long-time friend of MassResistance

By MASSRESISTANCE Published on March 5, 2022

VIDEO: MassResistance interviews Pastor Artur Pawlowski

This is one of the most insightful political interviews you will hear. During a visit to the U.S. last summer, Pastor Artur Pawlowski (left) described to Arthur Schaper of MassResistance what is happening in Canada — and to him. Since that interview, events have taken an even more sinister turn. He is now in prison in solitary confinement in Canada.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski is not your run-of-the-mill Canadian. He was born and raised in communist Poland and immigrated to Canada as a young man. For many years he has been the pastor of a church in Calgary, Alberta. He is known as an uncompromising Christian who feeds the poor and defends the God-given rights of the Canadian people. He has attracted the ire of the Canadian authorities for his ongoing exposé of totalitarianism as poison to the soul.

Pastor Artur first met up with MassResistance in 2018. In June that year, MassResistance was on the scene to document Pastor Artur joined local activists and MassResistance fiery speech outside of the Calgary Police Stationwhere local activists had come to support pro-family activist Bill Whatcott (who was being taken into custody on the Orwellian charge of “anti-LGBT hate speech”). Later that year Pastor Artur hosted our Canada MassResistance chapter at a conference in his church. Since then, he worked with us to stop a ban on “reparative therapy” in Calgary and similar issues across Canada.

Pastor Art gained international notoriety in 2021 when a video of him throwing a group of police out of his church went viral. They had come to halt a Passover service over clearly unconstitutional COVID rules. He also continued to feed the poor and homeless in violation of the COVID mandate. He was later arrested, imprisoned, and fined for keeping his church open and continuing to feed and minister to the poor through his street church. When released, the judge ordered Pastor Artur to include the government’s COVID narrative in his future church sermons! That totalitarian order was later thrown out after widespread outrage.

The Latest International Outrage

Pastor Art’s persecution by the government has continued. The latest outrage came in early February. He delivered a forceful speech and held a church service for the truckers who were protesting vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions with a blockade at the Coutts, Alberta border. In his speech, he told the truckers to “hold the line” and continue peacefully protesting.

The following day, police raided his home and arrested him. He was charged with “interfering with critical infrastructure” and “aiding and abetting mischief” under the Critical Infrastructure Defence Act.

According to reports, he’s the only person ever arrested under that act! Rebel News noted on Feb. 28:

[T]hree additional charges stemming from incidents over the previous two years were piled onto the existing, and now nearly innumerable, charges that Artur is facing in what is quite possibly the most glaring legal witch hunt in Canadian History… Sadly, the courts are being wielded as political weapons instead of doing their jobs, which is to uphold the laws of the land, first and foremost being the Criminal Code of Canada and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Here in the US, American Spectator observed:

Like a verdict from a Soviet show trial, the judge asserted out of thin air that Pawlowski’s blameless exercise of free speech “contributed to enormous economic harm to the local, provincial and national economy and substantial community harm to ordinary Canadians.”

Pastor Artur has been denied bail and held in solitary confinement since then at the Calgary Remand Centre, a holding prison for dangerous and violent criminals. (Largely ignored by Canada’s mainstream media, this incident was reported Canada’s alternative Rebel News.) And making matters worse, on March 2 his brother Dawid Pawlowski was arrested for charges that are yet unclear!

U.S. Senator Makes Statement

This has shocked and outraged many people in the United States who fear that the Canadian government’s extremist approach to dissenters and Christians could come here. On Feb. 27, U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) was asked for his reaction to Pastor Pawlowski’s arrest. He said, 

The United States keeps a designation of nations that are religious liberty violators. I’ve called for Canada to be put on that list. And I think we should consider all of the options that are available for that.

Pastor Artur Interviewed by MassResistance

Last June, Pastor Artur visited the U.S. for several weeks to warn Americans of the danger of creeping totalitarianism. He met with General Michael Flynn, Senator Josh Hawley, former Trump advisors, and various DC political leaders. He spoke at many churches and political gatherings. On June 26 when in Los Angeles, he sat down with Arthur Schaper of MassResistance.

It was a fascinating interview. (See video at top.) Pastor Artur talks about what has happened to him personally, what is happening to Canada, how things are changing for the worse, and why the world needs to pay attention.Get The Stream’s daily news roundup, quick and served with a healthy splash of humor. Subscribe to The Brew

He reminds us: The truth is like a pillar; it can stand on its own. But the lie needs to be supported by more lies, misinformation, disinformation, and tyranny — tyranny and fear — because it cannot stand on its own.

A few of Artur’s points in the interview:

  • The leftists attacking us constantly have no substance; they don’t have any reasoning. So the only thing they can do is hate. Those people who talk about tolerance are the most intolerant people on earth.
  • We are not dealing with officials who respect law and order. We are dealing with gangsters in uniform — like the Nazis and the Communists — who do whatever they want. The tactics they are using now are virtually identical to the tactics used back then [under the Nazis and Soviets].
  • Why are Canadian people so “sheep-like”? The Canadian government has been implementing this repression for a very long time. They have been attacking the minds of the people for decades. The tactics are just like with the Hitler Youth: brainwashing; taking over universities and schools; taking over mainstream media; and the political arena. What they accomplished is to create an apathetic, uninterested, selfish, self-centered generation of people that don’t really know what’s going on. It’s easier to do this in Canada because we have a smaller population with many different ethnicities, and are more naturally divided.
  • When my brother and I were recently imprisoned, the Calgary police were particularly brutal to us. We were in put in solitary confinement. We had to sleep on a concrete floor. Every half hour they would wake us up so we couldn’t get sleep. We were often stripped naked and searched. They would mock Christianity. They would steal my belongings and throw them into the garbage in front of me. They threw me against the wall, and said they would charge me with assaulting them. When we finally went to court they put chains on our legs.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski is an inspiration to all of us. If more clergymen were as principled, bold, and fearless as he, this would be a much better world.

Originally published at massresistance.org. Reprinted with permission. For additional media content, see original post.

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