June 17, 2024

“Social distancing” police fine man $1.2K for feeding homeless!

Artur Pawlowski was feeding homeless people in downtown Calgary when a dozen police officers surrounded him and slapped him with a $1,200 fine.

Apparently, feeding the homeless is not an “essential activity” and it violates virus lockdown laws.

But watch the video and you’ll see that the police swarm itself violated “social distancing”, and none of the cops themselves were wearing masks. But more to the point: since when did feeding the hungry become a crime?

Since we heard about this incident, we have retained a lawyer for Artur — Sarah Miller, a Calgary civil liberties lawyer. In fact, this case is the first in our nationwide campaign to fight the extortionate fines issued by overzealous law enforcement officials during the pandemic.

In the past 36 hours, we have accepted FIVE cases of unfair fines like this, in THREE provinces. And we’ve assigned a lawyer to each of them. We’ll tell you the other stories later this week, once our lawyers have reviewed the cases.

A typical case like this can cost between $5,000 and $10,000 to fight all the way, depending on how belligerent the prosecutors are. But we have made a decision at Rebel News: we’re going to fill the gap left by Canada’s silent civil liberties associations. 

We’re going to take every case we can — dozens even — until this extreme policing backs down.

That’s why we have promised to fight Artur’s ticket for him. But obviously we need your help to see this through.

The five cases we’ve accepted so far will surely cost us $25,000 — can you please help?

If you’re disgusted by this abuse of our rights and freedoms, please chip in by using the form on this page. Thank you!

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