May 18, 2024
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Street Church Ministries – Summer Festival 2006

July 29 – 12:00 noon – 4:00pm
July 30 – 2:00pm – 6:00pm

On Easter Sunday, Street Church put on an Easter Festival which was a blessing, we saw 31 people make decisions for Jesus, 4 baptisms, and over fifteen hundred people attended. Testimonies were shared, live bands, preaching the gospel, and also the movie The Passion of Christ was played on the biggest outdoor inflatable movie screen in Canada (3-storeys high), and after the movie 5 men dropped to their knees to repent of their sins, and after this we all partook in the Lords supper at 12:30 in the morning.

We heard people were watching the movie from high-rises, and were blessed to see what Jesus had done for them. Street Church is committed to preach the Gospel and give everyone an opportunity to respond to Jesus. An additional movie on the truth about abortion was played before the Passion, and in response a lady came forward to repent and receive healing through Jesus Christ (she had an abortion and was living in guilt and shame for years). Over 2000 gifts were also given, as well as popcorn, pizza, hot and cold drinks, Bibles, and clothes.
Street Church is putting on a Summer Festival on July 29 & 30, where the gospel will be preached, live bands will be playing, and testimonies shared. On July 29 from 12 noon to 4pm a concert of classical music of great masters is going to be played on a grand piano in the middle of the park, for anyone who is willing to come and listen. Food, beverages, and gifts will also be given. The vision for this Saturday concert is to treat people equally by bringing them tunes of music (that they will not be able to hear live anywhere else, because of their present state) – a concert for the homeless!!! Everyone is invited.

Along with the gospel, Sunday’s message will be on restoring family values, speaking about God’s vision for a family and about the abomination of homosexual living, divorces, adultery, and pornography in sight of a Holy God, followed by testimonies of people living that lifestyle and now set free by Jesus Christ. We have 2 live bands coming, thousands of gifts, food, pizza, beverages, and lots of fun for the whole family!
We are ready for many baptisms in the bow river! If you have never been baptized we invite you to come and do the first step of obedience according to Matthew 28, and according to Revelation 12:11, we ask you to come and share your testimonies. If you have been set free by the blood of Jesus let people know about the power of the living God and His forgiveness and healing. We need all support from the body of Christ to stand in the corner of the poor, oppressed, and broken hearted. Volunteers can contact us by email, or call us directly at 607-4434.
Street Church is pleased to invite you to join in the Calgary Stampede parade with Jesus Christ lifted high, with flags and banners. Together we can let the world know, that we are living witnesses of a living God. For more information, email us, or call 607-4434.

Let’s lift the name of Jesus, unashamed together!

Old Fashion Revival Meetings

Starting July 1, for the whole month, Street Church will be preaching the Gospel every night at 7:00pm in Triangle Park, and needs your support. If you and your congregation would like to take a night to preach, worship, share testimonies, please contact us by email or call at 607-4434.

Let’s fight for the lost together!!

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