April 13, 2024
Press Coverage

Ric McIver for Premier!

Well, the race to replace Red Redford has heated up today, as the liberal online fagosphere has gone apeshit with the news that Ric McIver, who’s running for the PC Leadership, participated in a March for Jesus on Father’s Day.

No, seriously. That’s the controversy.

Why? Well, the march was held by a traditional Christian denomination: you know, one of those ones that actually believes in the Bible and the whole Jesus Christ thing and the fundamental laws of morality laid down by God for mankind to follow. All that crazy stuff. It really is, as I described it the last time this stuff came up, as basic boilerplate Christianity.

The church also believes that the Calgary Sodomite Hike featured a lot of immoral people behaving immorally, exposing their naked bodies (with full permission from the city, of course, did you really think Nenshi was going to deprive his own stock?) and acting out their disgusting sexual perversions. Again, not exactly shocking. I won’t link to the depravity in the photos here but you’re welcome to look them up if you doubt me. We’ll wait.

Okay, you’re back? Yeah, pretty much bang-on from the church on that one, wasn’t it? So now the attack is on for Ric McIver.

Now wait a minute, there are other people running for leader today too, right? What were they up to?

This morning you may recall I covered Mayor Coward’s Uranist Snackbar, held at the faggot training camp at the University. Well, one of the leadership candidates, Thomas Lukaszuk (last seen here getting a deserved beat-down from an old man) was there. So where’s the outrage from that? Well, there is lots of it, but not from the vocal faggots like Kris Wells and his Familiars fanbase. And the liberal media is fully on the side of the ass pirates, so they won’t cover it, nor will they publish any letters or allow any interviews if you or me phoned in to complain. So they create a false sense of a one-sided argument, the same as they have on so many occasions in the past.

Lukaszuk wasn’t done playing up to the audience with shit on their breath: he also was very critical about Bill 44, which you may recall as the compromise that would allow schools to bring up faggots and other such undesirable alternative lifestyles, but parents who didn’t want their kids indoctrinated in this crap had the right to pre-remove their kids in such a situation. As I mentioned earlier today, the alternative was either don’t bring it up at all, or else bring a balanced perspective: if Wells gets to bring his ass pirate agenda into the schools, then I get to bring mine in as well opposing them, and we’ll duke it out and give kids both sides of the story (which is what Laurie Blakeman claims she wants, but we know she’s lying). Of course, you may recall this blog’s coverage five years ago about the importance of this legislation that Lukaszuk wants to abolish.

But Lukaszuk wasn’t done being an immoral pusher of nonsense yet: he actually is bragging about how he and a government he wants to run will lie to you, turning girls into boys and then falsifying documents to cover the truth. Wrenna is a girl. She always was a girl, she will always be a girl. To tell us otherwise is to conspire in a lie, much like claiming that poofters are morally equivalent to normal people, or that their sick depraved lifestyle is anything other than a choice that they made that they are rather fond of.

Thomas Lukaszuk spent the day conspiring in lies against Albertans. Ric McIver marched along with others to express their deep-seated beliefs, a topic that Lukaszuk seemed pretty cool with last week during the Fudge Packing Trek in Edmonton. And meanwhile the media only gives you half the story, and makes the average Joe think that maybe his position — that Lukaszuk was in an immoral organization today and McIver was not — isn’t as common as it is. It’s all part of the effort to change you.

I won’t let it, and neither should you. Ric McIver may not be perfect, he may not even be good. But we’ve seen how he compares with one of his challengers, so if the Lukaszuk campaign gives you a ringy, tell the sodomite-lover to go take a long pride walk on a short faggy pier.


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