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Ric McIver and the March for Jesus: A Lake of Fire Redux?

Alberta politics

June 16, 2014


“The March for Jesus 2013 was officially opened by the Minister of Infrastructure Ric McIver…” according to the March for Jesus website (photo from

“Last year alone, Calgary’s streets were flooded with people of wrong sexual preferences during a homosexual parade of over 30,000 attendees and none of them were embarrassed the slightest to publicly even present their nakedness in front of families and in front of future generations to openly proclaim and manifest that they are not ashamed to declare the name of their master (Satan) and in the same way not concerned with provoking greatly the wrath of the Living God.”

The quote above was taken from an article on, which has been circulating on social media this weekend. The article also features a photo of Calgary MLA and Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Ric McIver as the parade marshal for the group’s 2013 event. Mr. McIver tweeted a photo while attending this year’s march in Calgary on Sunday, June 15.

The website also features endorsements of the event by Christian Heritage Party of Canada leader David Reimer and perennial social conservative fringe candidate Larry Heather.

Street Church, one of the organizations behind the annual March for Jesus, features a photo of Justice Minister Jonathan Denis on their website as a supporter of the event.

UPDATE: On his Facebook Page, Mr. McIver has responded to the backlash caused by his participation in the March for Jesus event.

“I deplore discrimination against all groups and individuals without exception,” wrote Mr. McIver. “I shall continue to attend events celebrating the diversity of Alberta.”

“I hope this statement clears up any doubts about my commitment to the rights and freedoms of all Albertans, in the past, in the present and in my intentions for the future,” he wrote.

It’s as clear as mud, Mr. McIver.



The LBGT issue is starting to take on the air of a Stalinist purge. Don’t want to appear at a pride rally. Then you must be a hateful individual unfit for public office.

On the global stage LBGT rights are being used as a beating stick to extend imperial hegemony. The EU corporatists have embraced the LGBT banner in their efforts to wedge control of Europe’s economy from elected politicians into the hands of a few bureaucrats in Brussels. To oppose this means you are wanting to return to a dark past.

You’ll hear lots of LBGT rights in Russia. But you’ll never hear about it in Saudi Arabia. For that matter I wonder if we’ll ever hear about any “lake of fire” sermons in Alberta’s mosques.

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