May 24, 2024
Press Coverage

Charges against preacher dropped

Sun Media


To refrains of "praise the Lord," Calgary street minister Artur Pawlowski walked from a city courtroom yesterday a vindicated man.


With an entourage of supporters with him, Pawlowski made a brief appearance in provincial court where three charges, including two criminal allegations, were withdrawn by the Crown.


Outside court prosecutor Gloria Froese told the Sun she conducted a review of the evidence and found there was "no reasonable likelihood of conviction."


Pawlowski, who runs Street Church ministry, was arrested last Aug. 16 while praying in a 17 Ave. S.W. park, near participants in the Calgary Fringe Festival. He was charged with obstructing a peace officer and causing a disturbance, as well as an offence under the Petty Trespass Act of failing to leave land when told to do so.


After his court appearance, Pawlowski said he felt vindicated. "The only terrible crime I did was reading the Bible."

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